WSDC 2010 – Team Hong Kong


Between the 8th and 18th of February, nearly 300 secondary students from 57 countries will converge on Doha, Qatar for the annual World School Debating Championship also known as WSDC.

Amongst the cut-throat competition will be five Hong Kong students with coach Mr. G Forse and team manager Mr. M Everhsed. Throughout those two weeks, the team of Ben Allen (La Salle College), Annette Chau (Sha Tin College), Paul Lau (South Island School), Heather Pickerell (German Swiss International School) and Prakash Sanker (South Island School), will travel from Hong Kong to Doha in order to enter into a battle of words with the best of the world. Our competition will include defending champions New Zealand, powerhouses Australia, England, South Africa, Pakistan, Canada as well as other countries including Mainland China, Germany, South Korea, Singapore and many more.

Following a tough selection at the end of 2009, the team underwent intensive training under the guidance of former national debater Mr. G Forse. Over the last three months, the team met regularly for numerous practice debates, intensive research sessions and sleepless nights preparing for the toughest international debating competition of its kind.

After months of preparation, the team looks set and read to jump over the seas and engage in the tough competition. Whilst nothing is guaranteed, the team hopes to reach new heights for Hong Kong debating in what is sure to be a memorable experience.

Paul Lau (HK WSDC Team Member)

People :

Ben Allen (La Salle College)
Annette Chau (Sha Tin College)
Paul Lau (South Island School)
Heather Pickerell (German Swiss International School)
Prakash Sanker (South Island School)

Gerg Forse (Coach)
M. Evershed (Manager)

Brief :

After a difficult selection trial, a team of five students composed of Heather Pickerell, Paul Lau, Prakash Sanker, Ben Allen and Annette Chau came together to form a strange collection of individuals. From swimmers to runners, soloist singers and aspiring dancers, the Hong Kong team is full of diverse, strange and weird people. In actual fact, the ‘Hong Kong National’ team is composed of individuals from America, Canada, India, England and Australia… oh, did we mention we come from China? There’s the gaffe prone, hamburger eating champion in Heather and the runner, dancer and unstoppable Prakash. Then there’s Ben who represents Hong Kong in both debating and swimming having stolen the tallest of the crowd award. Starting together at the bottom, we have veteran Annette who returns to World’s action after a year’s break – she rarely loses her way in speeches, but does so on a regular basis in daily life! Paul on the other hand is just the opposite, seeming to know way too much about everything and everyone after tapping away on his computer. Then there is the manager Mr. Evershed, the “happy” debater who is joined by Greg Forse, a double agent juggling a double life.

Draw :

R1: Somalia – Opp – Chile
R2: Impromptu – Prop – Wales
R3: Nuclear – Prop – Germany
R4: Impromptu – Opp – Bermuda
R5: Marital Abuse – Prop – Bulgaria
R6: Impromptu – Opp – Singapore
R7: Terrorist – Opp – Mongolia
R8: Impromptu – Prop – Slovenia

Photos :

Hong Kong Delegation

Hong Kong Delegation (Left to Right) : M Eershed (Manager), Heather Pickerell, Paul Lau, Prakash Sanker, Annette Chau, Ben Allen, Gerg Forse (Coach)

Hong Kong Debaters

Hong Kong Debaters (Left to Right) : Heather Pickerell (GSIS), Paul Lau (SIS) , Prakash Sanker (SIS), Annette Chau (STC), Ben Allen (LSC)

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