RESULTS: WSDC 2010 Final Results


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Following the conclusion of World Schools Debating Championship 2010, the numbers are in, the results crunched and the final rankings decided. Here they are courtesy of the organizers at WSDC Charity.


R1: That we should support Military Intervention in Somalia
R2: That we should make physical education compulsory in schools
R3: That every Country should have the right to possess Nuclear Weapons
R4: That we should support quotas for women in high government positions
R5: That Doctors should report evidence of Martial Abuse to the police
R6: That developing nations should have the right to give priority to development ahead of the environment
R7: That Terrorist suspects should have the right to a Trial in Civilian courts
R8: That we should legalise performance enhancing drugs
OF: That we should have no law restricting freedom of speech
QF: That compensation should be paid for the injustices committed by past generations
SF: That the United States should withdraw from the Middle East
GF : That Governments should Never Bail out Big Companies


You can find the results for each individual round here.
See how the 16 teams progressed during the Knockout Stages.

Team Rankings

Hong Kong was ranked 16th overall, having made it to the octo-finals.
Hong Kong broke 16h with 5 wins, 16 judges, 6074.5 points




Hong Kong Individual Results (as stated in the top 100)

  • 39 – Heather Pickerell – 4 – 72.583
  • 40 – Ben Allen – 5 – 72.467
  • 45 – Paul Lau – 4 – 72.333
  • 50 – Annette Chau – 4 – 72.250
  • 60 – Prakash Sanker – 7 – 72.048

R1: Chile 0 – Hong Kong 3
R2: Hong Kong 1 – Wales 2
R3: Hong Kong 3 – Germany 0
R4: Bermuda 1 – Hong Kong 2
OF: Australia 5 – Hong Kong 0

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