Here’s how the HKSDC blog is organised and how to harness its power

We don’t want to stifle the creativity of our writers nor over-complicate this blog for you. Yet as many debaters know, structure is very important. Thus we’ve created a simple system that we hope will organise the blog and help you find what you need quickly.


As you will see in the secondary menu bar above, we have 7 categories, 5 core and 2 additional ones. A post will only ever be part of ONE of the following core categories:

  • HKSDC : HKSDC organised or affiliate events including trials for the national team and junior competitions.
    • Specific categories have been created for posts regarding the 3 key HKSDC organized events, the HKSDC, Jr HKSDC and the HKPSC.
  • WSDC : Posts regarding the official WSDC held annually.
    • Specific sub-categories will be created for each year’s event where necessary.
  • WIDPSC : Posts regarding the official WIDPSC held annually.
    • Specific sub-categories will be created for each year’s event where necessary.
  • Local : Everything debating related happening inside Hong Kong not affiliated with the 3 specific categories above.
  • Overseas : Everything debating related happening outside Hong Kong not affiliated with the 3 specific categories above.

There are two additional categories which are used in conjunction with one of the above when necessary. We thought they were important and popular bits of information for you to find thus they have their own categories where you can easily access them. They are :

  • Results : All results from competitions can be found centrally here for reference and records. All posts will be preceded with ‘RESULTS:’ to make identification easier.
  • Events : All invitations to any debating related event will be posted here. You can also see a chronological order of past and upcoming events at our events page. More information about event invitations below.


Tags operate in a similar way to categories only with more depth. In addition to the existing 7 categories which will also be tags, posts will also be tagged by the following overall principals :

  • Competitions : To make it easy for you to see all news regarding a specific competition, all posts related to that competition will be tagged as appropriate. For example ‘HKPSC’, ‘Sr HKSDC’ and ‘Jr HKSDC’ will be used.
  • Dates : The year as well as month of the year that an event will be held in will be tagged to help you find posts, competitions or news from a specific time period.
  • Format : Many debaters have their own preferred format or just want to find out information about a specific format, thus posts will be tagged based on the format of the competition so that you can find similar events.
  • Team Hong Kong : All posts related with news or information to Team Hong Kong, at all manner of competitions will be tagged as such.

Each post may have a few additional tags depending on content. However, there will be minimal tagging.

Event Invitations

For those interested in participating actively in debating, there are a multitude of events being held each year. We aim to make it easy to find information about them and to apply. Thus all blog posts with invitations we receive are prefaced with ‘EVENTS:’

An initial overview will provide general information about dates, venues, format, eligibility and further contact details.
Then there is the invitation ‘from the organizers’, usually an email or letter that the send out to prospective participants.
Often, organizers send us attachments whether that be rules, application forms, schedules etc. All those files can be located after the organizer’s message under ‘appendix’. Remember to scroll to the bottom if you need to see this.

We hope our policies towards titles, categories, tags and post formats will make this blog easy to use. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us or drop a comment.

Now have a good time making the most of our BLOG

About Paul Lau

Paul Lau is a student from Hong Kong with interests in current affairs, debating, sports and blogs at (

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