When the Hong Kong Schools Debating Council website first went public in April 2010, the site was less than 24 hours old. Despite this, the site was neither inadequate nor an entire mess. Indeed, with few changes at all, it has amassed 8,000 unique site views.

But from the beginning, we had a bigger and greater vision for We hoped it would become a local, regional and international hub for debaters; providing invitations to events, results, reports and resources in conjunction with facilitating the successful hosting and running of HKSDC events. Though we may not have reached that ultimate goal yet, I’m pleased to say we’ve taken a big leap towards that goal with our new HKSDC website.

The New HKSDC Website Homepage

In addition to sporting a new look and feel that we think makes the site more attractive and easier to read, the site has lots of new content, from tournament details to a full collection of articles, photos and videos featuring HK debaters.

Our resources center has received a major brain-juice boost with finished guides to both the WSDC and WIDPSC format, complete with examples and videos to learn from. I am particularly proud of our organizers section which helps you either host your own tournament or better understand how your tournaments are likely run.

The New HKSDC Blog

However, the biggest change occurs in our blog which was, for a long time, hidden away. We’ve finally fixed it up and our HKSDC blog is now in full motion. We see it as the heart of our website, with all manner of news and announcements to be posted in timely fashion.

Our webpages provide facts, assistance and a heavy dose of history. But for the latest news and events, results and information, announcements and articles, head over to our blog. You can subscribe to receive email notifications of new posts by signing up using the ‘Email Subscription’ widget in the right toolbar. Before you dive in however, read our ‘Using the Blog‘ guide first as it explains how the blog is structured.

We’re excited about the new changes and hope you find them useful. If you’ve got any thoughts, suggestions or blessings, you can always find us on email (, Facebook ( as well as on twitter ( Of course, we’d love to hear your comments below.

Paul Lau
HKSDC Webmaster

About Paul Lau

Paul Lau is a student from Hong Kong with interests in current affairs, debating, sports and blogs at (

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