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HKPSC 2011 – Schedule


Dear all,

  • 8.30 – Registration
  • 8.45 – Adjudicators’ brief
  • 9.15 – Persuasive speaking
  • 10.45 – Break
  • 11.15 – Prepared Reading
  • 12.45 – Lunch Break
  • 1.15 – Debate (Preperation)
  • 1.45 – Debate (Round 1)
  • 2.30 – Debate (Round 2)
  • 3.30 – Impromptu
  • 4.30 – Completion of Competition
  • 5.00 – Announcement of Team

As you can see, the schedule for the day is really intense. Could I ask everyone to be punctual arriving so that we can start on time – and hopefully finish on time!

Mary Garland

SEO Subsidized Adjudicators


From Bryan (SEO Debate Organizer)

Dear Asian Debating Community,

The adjudication core (Bryan Gunawan, Azrul Izzam, Thepparith Semnangern, Sam Block, and Jayson Gaspar Maulit) of the 2011 Southeast Asian English Olympics (the 2011 SEO) thanks those who have applied for subsidy. We are pleased that we’ve had good responses and interest, and so many strong applicants across the Southeast Asian region which made it relatively hard for us to decide.

In the end, with merit, experience in BP Judging, and diversity in mind, we are very happy to announce the ten people who will get full subsidy.
They are (in alphabetical order):

1. Alistair Zosa, University of the Philippines-Diliman, Philippines
2. Angelo Kalaw, University of the Philippines-Diliman, Philippines
3. Buena Bernal, University of Santo Tomas, Philippines
4. Ely Zosa, Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines
5. Erna Wisnu Wardhani, Jenderal Soedirman University, Indonesia
6. Gica Mangahas, Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines
7. Omar Salahudin, Independent, Malaysia
8. Panyarak Roque, Mahidol University International College, Thailand
9. Rose Lyn Rabanera, Far Eastern University, Philippines
10.Tharishni Arumugam, University of Malaya, Malaysia

Congratulations for all of the recipients and the OrgComm will be in touch with you very soon through your respective e-mails. :)

We would like to of course invite everyone who’s interested to participate as an independent adjudicator to the 2011 SEO. Kindly please indicate your interest to so that we can register you into the tournament.

We encourage everyone to register now if you haven’t ! :D Given the strong adjudication pool in the tournament, and the plan the org-comm is executing, we can assure you that the tournament will flow with a lot of excitement. :D

To get more information on the tournament, follow our twitter: @the2011SEO, join our Facebook Group “The2011SEO”, or log on to, or text/call Mery +62 896 3709 5705 or Edison +62 896 3709 5704.

Make sure you are registered to the 2011 SEO and see you on February at Jakarta, Indonesia! :)

Best regards,
The 2011 SEO Debate Adjudication Core
Bryan, Jayson, Sam, Azrul, and TJ.

EVENTS: SouthEastAsian English Olympics 2011



Date : 14th-19th February 2011
Venue : Anggrek Campus, BINUS University, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
Format : Multiple Competitions (Scrabble, News Casting, Debate, Story Telling, Speech and Short Movie Making)
Eligibility : All ages [High-School and University]
Website :
Email :

SEO 2011 Logo

Logo for SEO 2011

A quick-word from HKSDC

A lot of information has come to us regarding the South-East-Asian English Olympics 2011 (SEO 2011) and so we thought it might be useful just to summarize everything quickly before you dive into the pile of information.

SEO 2011 is organized by the Bina Nusantara English Club at BINUS University, Indonesia. This competition began in 2004 and was formerly known as the Nationwide English Olympics. This year, the organizers have upgraded it to become The 2011 Southeast Asian English Olympics with the hope of attracting other comeptitors from the region. It is expected to feature a total of 700 competitors.

SEO 2011 will feature competitions in 6 different fields:

  • Scrabble
  • News Casting
  • Debate
  • Story Telling
  • Speech
  • Short Movie Making

As the Hong Kong Schools Debating Council, we are particulalry interested in the ‘Debate’ segment. This will be in the British Parliamentary Format featuring teams of 2. The competition will see 6 prelimnary rounds followed by a 32 team break into the octo-finals. An EFL award will be included. The Chief Adjudicator is Bryan Gunawan (Indonesia) who is joined by a strong Deputy Chief Adjudicator team featuring Sam Block (England), Jayson Maulit (Phillipines), Azrul Izzam (Malaysia), and TJ (Thailand).

You should now be read to dive into the masses of information. These include

  • Welcome Email from Bryan Gunawan
  • Registraion Email from Prasetyo Nugraha Gema
  • SEO 2011 Debate Subsidy Registration Email from Bryan Gunawan
  • Adjudicator Core and Subsidy Email from Bryan Gunawan
  • Registration and Judges Email from Prasetyo Nugraha Gema
  • Invitation Letter
  • SEO Booklet

From the organizers

Dear Indonesian Debate Community,
Belated Happy New Year!

After successfully hosting 6 National Tournaments, the Bina Nusantara English Club (BNEC) will be hosting the 1st Southeast Asian English Olympics (The 2011 SEO) this February 14-19, 2011 in Bina Nusantara University Campus. Aside from the debate tournament, you can also join other events such as movie making, newscasting, speech, story telling, and scrabble (in case you would like to seek other interests).

Please see the attached forms for the complete details re: reg forms, invitation letter, and other info regarding the event. For anyone who would like to apply for adj subsidy, please send me your CVs to me through this address:

Also, if you have questions about the other events, kindly email the organizers through this address:
For an additional information, the DCAs are: Jayson Maulit from Phillipines, Azrul Izzam from Malaysia, and TJ from Thailand. The 4th DCA is to be confirmed soon — one probable name would be Sam Block, the WUDC De La Salle Co-CA. *fingers crossed*

We hope to see you in Jakarta!

Bryan Gunawan
Chief Adjudicator, The 2011 SEO

Hello Indonesian Debating Community!

I’m here would like to inform you regarding updates of The 2011 Southeast Asian English Olympics! As you may have known, today we will be in Normal Registration Phase of The 2011 SEO. Howeverm, it is fortunate that we managed to establish a very good cooperation with our partners out there thus making it possible for us to cheaper the fees for everyone.

Therefore, we are going to give you a better deal, which is extending the early bird phase and removing the late registration phase.

Therefore, the registration dates as follows:
1. EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION will be closed in 22nd of January
2. NORMAL REGISTRATION will be opened in 23rd of January and end in 13th of February (arrival day)
So, the price will remain as before for today until 22nd of January!

You may have known this, but to inform you, the rego fee will be still as follows:
1. Debate – 450.000 IDR/debater and 235.000 IDR/Adjudicator. Remember if you are sending one team, it’s NOT obligatory to send Adjudicator(s) as N-1 rule applies
2. Speech – 375.000 IDR/speaker
3. Story Telling – 375.000 IDR/storyteller
4. Scrabble – 375.000 IDR/player
5. News Casting – 375.000 IDR/newscaster
6. Short Movie Making – 375.000 IDR/team

And for your information, we have invited many competitive judges for this competitions:

  • We have BRYAN GUNAWAN from Indonesia, TJ (Tepparith Semnangern) from Thailand, JAYSON GASPAR MAULIT from Philippines and AZRUL IZZAM from Malaysia as our A-core in Debate Olympic!
  • We have DALTON TANONAKA in News Casting Olympic. He is one of CNN anchor
  • We have ANDI BACHTIAR in Short Movie Making Olympic. He is the director of The Jak (2007) and The Conductors (2008) and Romeo Juliet (2009). He is one of nominees in some International-level Movie award, including Pusan International Film Festival 2008

And another finger crosses! We are currently in pursuit of other famous names which are BEST OF THE BEST in their fields, Hope that we would be able to do and eventually escalate the hype and the quality of the competition to be brought to you guys!

Hurry register yourself to:
Mery – +62896 3709 5705
Edison – +62896 3709 5704

For more information, feel logon to or contact, or

Thank you for staying tune with The 2011 SEO and we hope to see you this February in Jakarta Indonesia to participate and witness the rise of The 1st Southeast Asia’s Best English Speaking Institution!

The 2011 SEO OrgComm.

Dear Asian debating community,

The 2011 Southeast Asia English Olympics (the 2011 SEO) is opening the applications for adjudicator’s subsidy for the Debate field!

Kindly please send to :

1. Your application letter
2. Curriculum Vitae detailing your adjudication and debating experience
3. Elaborated reasons why you want to have the subsidy

The deadline for the application is Saturday, January 15, 2010 19.00 (GMT +7)

Please kindly be informed that international debate in Indonesia is developing and Indonesian debate community will be delighted to have higher exposure of international adjudication, thus your interest is very valuable.

We look forward to your application and see you in Indonesia!

Best regards,
Bryan Gunawan
Chief Adjudicator
+62 838 946 53 533

Hi Indonesian Debating Community from High Schools to Varsities!

Two important heads up on the 2011 SEO Debate! :D


Chief Adjudicator: Bryan Gunawan, Indonesia – 6th Best Speaker EFL WUDC Koc 2010, EFL Champion & 5th Best Speaker AUDC 2008, Semifinalist, 2nd Best Speaker NUEDC 2010 (BP Nationals), 1st Breaking Team, Quarterfinalist and 2nd Best Speaker IVED 2010, Top 5 Adjudicator at ALSA UI Nationals

Deputy Chief Adjudicators:
a. SAM BLOCK, England – Co-CA WUDC 2012 De La Salle, Best Speaker WUDC 2008 and EUDC 2007, Runners-Up WSDC 2005, 2nd best speaker WSDC 2005

b. JAYSON MAULIT, Phillipines – Subsidized and 8th Best Adjudicator – 1st UADC 2010, Adjudication Core- 12th & 13th National Debate Championship Philippines (BP Format), Octo Finalist – 3rd AUDC 2007, Semi Finalist- 9th National Debate, Championship (Philippine Military Academy)

c. AZRUL IZZAM, Malaysia – Royal Malaysian Champion and Best speaker for 2000,2001,2004,2007, WUDC Toronto, MMU, UCD Dublin ESL quarter finalist, Assumption AUDC Semi-Finalist 2004, UADC 2011 DCA, AUDC 2009 DCA

d. TJ (THEPARITH SENAMNGERN), Thailand – CA Asian BP 2009, CA UADC 2009, Project Chairman WUDC Assumption, CA Thailand High Schools National Debating Championship, Finalist EU-Thailand Debating Championship 2005

As previously sent – subsidy application closes at Saturday, 15 January, 19.00 (GMT + 7). Send your CV, Application Letter (detailing adjudication and debating experience) to It opens for all, including Indonesia of course. :)

So, dear debaters and adjudicators from high school and varsities — hurry register yourself to 2011 SEO — for everything that is worth on these prestigious fields of competitions!

Be it debate (one team only 2 persons! No N-1 adj needed) or other fields of olympics!

Follow our twitter: @the2011SEO, join our Facebook Group “The2011SEO”, or log on to, or text/call Mery +62 896 3709 5705 or Edison +62 896 3709 5704.

This is a GREAT CHANCE for varsities to practice for upcoming WUDC in Manila and high schools for upcoming WSDC and/or ISDC in a local-based tournament with INTERNATIONAL quality!

Registration is filling up fast, so hurry REGISTER! :D and what’s great, we’re still on EXTENDED EARLY BIRD registration period!

See u this 14 to 19 February 2011 at Jakarta, Indonesia!

Greetings Indonesian Debating Community!

Today I would like to post several additional information regarding The 2011 Southeast Asian English Olympics Registration Policy and recent developments on judges.
We would like to emphasize that we are also in the period of 3rd TEAM REGISTRATION with Early Bird prices — this is also a part of the extension. As sponsors are slowly but sure progressing, now we manage to subsidize the 3rd team as well – thus all of you can register directly into the 3rd team/individual for every competition. Kindly register yourself ASAP! :)

So, what’s different from our initial policy:
1. You can register directly 3 teams in early bird phase and get all your teams secured in the main list
2. You can get the early bird price if you register to us before 22nd of January J

As a reinstatement of our set of judges, we would like to deliver some updates from various fields:
1. Sam Block – Debate
Delivers quality without compromise! It is official that Sam Block from Cambridge as our Deputy Chief Adjudicator!
Sam Block is the Best Speaker of WUDC 2008, winner of Euros, LSE open, runner-up WSDC 2005 and many more outstanding achievement. As for his judging credentials, Sam was the CA of EUDC 2009, DCA of EUDC 2008, Final Panelist at WUDC 2009 and would be the Co-CA in WUDC De La Salle 2012!!

2. Timothy Marbun – News Casting
We had Dalton Tanonaka who worked in CNN now in Indonesia Today at Metro TV — The 2011 SEO News casting Olympic is going to deliver to you our second Top Notch Anchor Judge! Timothy Marbun is well-known for his various performances in anchoring several Metro TV (Indonesia) programs: “Metro TV News Flash”, “Metro TV Headline” and “Indonesia This Morning” program.
What makes him become a BOOM in news anchoring world is that he is one of the best ace news presenter in Indonesia, he enters Metro TV at the age of 25, for his judging credentials, he judged various news casting competitions, including previous 6th Nationwide English Olympics (name before changed into Southeast Asian English Olympics).

3. Christian Razukas – Short Movie Making
We are dead serious for judging to keep the bar of the competition quality! After we managed to invite Andi Bachtiar Yusuf, the International Film FestivalNominees, we are now inviting Christian Razukas, one who is passionate in working for 11 (eleven) consecutive International Film Festival.
He is also a Video Archivist back there in San Francisco.

See you in Binus University, Jakarta next February! :)

Prasetyo Nugraha Gema
The 2011 SEO
Vice Convener


Invitation letter at

SEO Booklet at



Achmad “Abu” Sukarsono, one of the most prominent debaters on the Indonesia circuit has taken a page out of Colm Flynn’s World Debating Website and has decided to start his own blog titled ‘IndoDebate’ which presumably will be focused upon debating in Indonesia.

Dear Indonesian debaters,

After 13 years following the twist and turn of Indonesian debating from very near and also very far and being inspired by the success of the World Debating Website, earlier this month I decided to work on a blog that chronicles debates in Indonesia from 1998. The blog is called IndoDebate and can be accessed at Indeed, it is still very much a work in progress.

I hope it can be developed into a source of debating materials in the future but I would be happy enough if it can document the achievements of Indonesian debaters throughout the years. Hence, I am open for contributions and suggestions from those who are still very much involved in the debating scene. The launch of this blog coincides with the 14th IVED in Makassar because I still consider IVED as the pinnacle of Indonesian debating and the tournament with the most prestige in this country.

I wish I could have the opportunity to be in Makassar and post the developments of the upcoming IVED on the blog but unfortunately other preoccupations i.e. work and wife make such intentions impossible nowadays. So, I would be delighted if I can receive contributions from those who can spare their time to drop me notes from Makassar.

Best of luck for those who will be competing in the competing IVED. It is really amazing to see an idea that my friends and I started in 1998 can still run strong up until today. Thank you for keeping the dream alive.

Achmad “Abu” Sukarsono (
Coach of first IVED champion and first Indonesian team for WSDC.
Co-founder and first president of English Debating Society UI.
Chronicler of facts and figures of Indonesian debating.
Long-time fan of the World Debating Website.

Schools Participating in HKPSC 2011


Here is a list of participating schools in HKPSC 2011. Please contact Mrs. Mary Garland at to register for the tournament.

  • Chinese International School – 2
  • Ying Wah – 2
  • South Island School – 2
  • La Salle College – 2
  • Queen’s College – 2
  • Island School – 2
  • St Paul’s College – 2
  • Diocesan Boys School- 2
  • West Island School – 2
  • Li Po Chun – 1
  • German Swiss – 1
  • Sha Tin College – 2
  • Marymount – 2

Reminders for contestants:

  • Arrive at St Pauls’ Co-ed College, no later than 8.30 am on Sat 22ns Jan
  • Bring lunch with you as there is nowhere to buy it.
  • Bring a water bottle for drinks
  • NO school uniforms – neat and tidy please.
  • We should be finished by 5.30 pm
  • Persuasive speech – ONLY ONE 3″x5″ cue card, but you can write both sides.
  • Prepared Reading – you may use the original book, or a photocopy of the relevant pages.
  • Debate – bring a few sheets of paper to write your notes on.