Hong Kong HoEDT Development Team


HKSDC has decided to send a development team to the 2011 Heart of Europe Tournament in the Czech Republic. Last year we sent two teams under the direction of Greg Forse, the HK coach, and Mr Roy Allen to this most valuable event and the experience gained was most valuable.

This year, the team will be managed by Ms Kay Deswani from Ying Wah College, and she will prepare the team in collaboration with Greg Forse and the HK National Team that will contest the WSDC tournament in Dundee, Scotland in August 2011. This is a unique opportunity to develop debating skills in the company of very experienced debaters and coaches as well as experience a great part of Europe.

Details of HoEDT 2011:
Dates: July 10-15th 2011
Location: Olomouc, Czech Republic
Website: http://www.heart-of-europe.org/web/
HoEDT 2011 Blogpost: https://hksdc.wordpress.com/2011/03/09/events-hoedt-2011/

Application criteria:

  1. Development criteria – as this is a development team, applicants are restricted to current year 12/Form 5 students and below. This rule is in place as we want this team to be a development team for future WSDC/World’s style events.
  2. Cost criteria – students will need to be able to meet the costs of the trip which is estimated to be approximately $18,000 HK. This is something students must discuss with parents before applying.
  3. School approval criteria – applicants will need to have the approval of their school before the trial. Students will need to balance examinations with training in the lead up to the event.

Interested parties should email Mr. Evershed at hongkongsdc@gmail expressing your interest and ability to meet the above criteria.

Trials will occur on Tuesday, 10th May 2011. Time and Venue TBC depending on number of applicants.

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