HKSDC Debaters meet the IQ2 Teams


On Friday evening, September 30th, four HKSDC members accompanied HK coach, Greg Forse, and Manager, Michael Evershed, to a public IQ2 debate on the motion “Money Cannot Buy You Happiness” at the HK Convention Centre.

Speaking for the motion was Stefan Klein and Professor Grayling against the opposition team of Ping Yu and Lewis Iwu. The debate was moderated by the founder of the GOD stores, Douglas Young.

After two hours of debating and responses to floor questions, members the 500 strong audience were undecided on the result – 49% For, 49% Against with 2% undecided. Much of the debate centred on the definition of happiness with the Proposition arguing that money can buy satisfaction and pleasure but that these are not happiness which is a much more enduring concept. On the other hand, the Opposition contended that money can buy happiness to those who live in poverty or it can deliver security which, in turn, can underpin happiness in strife-torn countries.


Lewis is an old friend of HK coach Greg Forse both of whom have been regulars on the Worlds debating circuit as debaters and coaches for many years. Lewis coached the UAE in Dundee, taking them into the break for the first time, whilst Greg was at the helm of HK which finished in the top eight.

The HKSDC debaters Ben Allen, Iris Zhang, James Lo and Avirup Banerjee contributed to debate by asking probing questions from the floor during the open debate section of the evening. Afterwards, they were able to meet the speakers and further discuss points raised.


They were also able to meet Margaret McCabe, the founder of Debatemate, a very important organization which has a vision to take debating to underprivileged communities. It has done some stunning work in the UK where Lewis Iwu has contributed his expertise as a debate trainer. The organization has already been successful in transforming young lives through the power of debating. Margaret, a career barrister, is an inspiring person who aims to develop her model in Hong Kong and discussions are already underway to take the Debatemate programme into appropriate HK schools. I urge you all to check out the incredible work being done by debatemate here.


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