The Finalists Emerge from the Pack


The first formal event under the newly reformed Hong Kong Schools Debating and Public Speaking Community concluded on Saturday the 14th at Yew Chung International School. After an absolutely stunning series of hard-fought debates, the Grand Finalists have emerged from amongst the 32 competing teams, after 5 trying debates. Over the course of the day, almost 150 debaters participated in 70 exceptional debates. After 3 preliminary rounds, teams qualified for the Gold, Silver, Bronze and Friendly Division where they faced each other in a knock-out system.

The 6 Finalists will now appear in the Grand Finals Night to be held between 5pm and 9pm on the 25th of September at Yew Chung International School to fight for the Championship prize. The Grand Finals of the three divisions are as follows:

Gold Division: 7.40pm – 8.40pm
Chinese International School (Proposition) v. German Swiss International School (Opposition)
THBT Whistleblowers Make The World Safer

Silver Division: 6.20pm – 7.20pm
La Salle College (Proposition) v. Island School (Opposition)
THW End The War On Drugs

Bronze Division: 5pm – 6pm
Shatin College (Proposition) v. Raimondi College (Opposition)
THBT Hong Kong Should Ban All Forms Of Gambling

The evening will end with a Prize Presentation Ceremony for the Champions, Runners-up and the Best Speakers of each final and of the tournament.

Qualifying Rounds

After 3 preliminary rounds, the 32 teams qualified for the following divisions (listed in alphabetical order). Their progress in the knock-out rounds is charted on the right. You may click on the image for a clearer (read larger) picture.

Gold DivisionGold
Chinese International School
Diocesan Boys School
German Swiss International School
Li Po Chun United World College
Maryknoll Convent School
Renaissance College
St. Pauls Co-ed College
South Island School

Silver DivisionSilver
Canadian International School
Diocesan Girls School
Discovery College
Heep Yunn School
Hong Kong International School
Island School
La Salle College
Queen Elizabeth School

Bronze DivisionBronze
International Christian School
King George V School
Queen’s College
Raimondi College
Shatin College
St. Stephen’s Girls College
West Island School
Yew Chung International School

American International School
California School
Po Leung Kuk Ngan Po Ling College
Shun Lee Catholic Secondary School
St. Joseph College
St. Paul’s Convent School
Wah Yan College Hong Kong
Wah Yan Kowloon

Top 20 Speakers

The Top 20 speakers, based on their performance in at least 3 of first four debates (R1, R2, R3 and QF/Friendlies) are:

1. Ryan Cheng (YCIS) – 73
1. Isaac Chung (RC) – 73
3. Eleanor Yung (SPCC) – 72.5
4. Claudia Tam (IS) – 72.415
5. Tina Wong (RCHK) – 72.3333
5. Angelina Li (SC) – 72.3333
7. Alex Yeung (DBS) – 72.25
8. Aspen Wang (CIS) – 72
8. Claire Holubowskyj (DC) – 72
10. Bryan Chan (SIS) – 71.9433
11. Bianca Chan (MCS) – 71.825
12. Eliot Chen (GSIS) – 71.7766
13. Leon Chui (LSC) – 71.75
14. Bon Bong (DBS) – 71.665
14. Brian Wong (IS) – 71.665
16. Allegra Bersani (CIS) – 71.5825
16. Andrea Herman (HKIS) – 71.5825
18. Brian Lam (QC) – 71.5
19. Adrian (LPC) – 71.43333
20. Jaiwei Wang (SSGC) – 71.3333

Round 1: Impromptu released on the day
Round 2: This House would require university students to work in their country of origin for a number of years after graduation.
Round 3: This House supports the use of force to protect human rights abroad.

Round 4 will be a quarter final – impromptu motion released on the day.
Round 5 will be semi finals – motion for this debate released next week.
Day ends with 3 sets of Grand Finalists who will be given motions and sides to prepare for the Sept. 25th Grand Finals night.


World Schools Style : September 14th 2013 (preliminaries) September 25th (Grand Finals Night)
Time : 8:00am to 5:00pm – teams must arrive no later than 8.00am
Address: 3 To Fuk Road, Kowloon Tong, MTR exit D turn sharp left at exit, school entrance is 30 metres walk.
Dress Code: Formal – no school uniforms
Cost: $200 per team.

Eligibility: Senior Debaters – Years 10-13 (International Schools) / Forms 4-6 (Local Schools)
Schools can enter younger debaters at this level by prior arrangement with the tournament director.


Venue : Yew Chung International School
Time : 8:00am to 5:00pm

Quarter-Finals and Friendlies
The break will split the teams into 3 Divisions for the quarter finals: Positions 1- 8 Gold Quarters, positions 9-16 Silver quarters, 17-24 Bronze Quarters – all after lunch. Those teams finishing 25-32 will be paired up for friendly debates to give all debaters a chance to participate.

Pairings will be:
GOLD: 1 vs 8, 2 vs 7, 3 vs 6, 4 vs 5
SILVER: 9 vs 16, 10 vs 15, 11 vs 14, 12 vs 13
BRONZE: 17 vs 24, 18 vs 23, 19 vs 22, 20 vs 21
FRIENDLIES: pairs according to nearest finishing position

Note: this time the best speaker list will be constructed from only those who debate 3 times in the first 4 debates – we will record all speaker points for the first 4 debates – in other words only those who debate in 3 of these will be eligible for this award.

This will be an impromptu motion with 40 minutes preparation time.

The final debate of the day will be 3 levels of semi finals (12 teams involved) and the day will end with 3 sets of grand finalists determined. Teams will have 40 minutes to prepare – they can bring research material to the prep room. There will be no Grand Final on the day.

SF Motion: This House believes that tourism is bad for poor countries.


Venue : Yew Chung International School
Time : 5:00pm to 9:30pm

September 25th will be the night of the 3 grand finals with prepared motions to be released at the end of the 14th to the 6 finalists.

Lunch is not provided, teams must bring their own or purchase lunch from Festival Walk nearby.
Please bring your own drink bottles to fill up throughout the day.