The 9th HKSDPSC Junior Debating Championships @ PLKCKY
Preliminary – Sat 24th May 2014 8am to 5pm
Grand Finals – Tue 3rd June 2014 4.30 pm to 9pm
Venue: Po Leung Kuk Choi Kai Yau School (http://cky.edu.hk)
Format: World Style Debating ( 5 min speeches )
Teams: 3 – 5 students per team plus 1 adjudicator.
Eligibility: Junior debaters – Years 7 – 9 (International Schools), Form 1 – 3 (Local Schools)
Registration Fee: $200 ( Teams should bring cash on the day – invoices and receipts will be issued upon registration and payment respectively.)

Check your registration here.


Round 1: Impromptu – released on the day
Round 2: This House would allow homosexual couples to adopt.
Round 3: This House would support voluntary participation in pension funds.
SF: THW deny lung transplants to smokers.

Please note that for the semi-final motion teams can bring any amount of research along and even planned cases for both sides of the debate. Once the semi-finalists are determined as the quarter -final winners, a coin toss will decide the side of the motion and teams will have 30 minutes to prepare. As the semis will involve at least 12 teams, you are all strongly advised to prepare the semi-final motion.

In the preparation of impromptu debates students are strictly forbidden to take into the prep room any device that can access the Internet or any device that can store information. This includes mobile phones, ipads and computers.

The word impromptu means in this context “without any external assistance’.

Prior to the release of the motion students must give all devices to their coach or supervisor for safe keeping and not have any communication with their coach after this point. Once given the motion teams proceed directly to their prep rooms.

These rules apply to both the first motion and the quarter final motion.

Note they do not apply to the semi final motion where students can use any material as this is a pre-released prepared motion. To this end it is strongly recommended that teams bring in prepared notesfor both sides of the case. The teams are,however, forbidden to consult their coaches once preparation time has started.”


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