Island School Break through to win 9th Senior Debating Tournament


The Grand Finals night of the 9th HKSDPSC saw some wonderful debating before a good crowd of devotees who came to see the six finalists do battle. German Swiss International School hosted the event with style on Friday October 11th.

It ultimately cam down to a shoot out between Brian Wong (Island school) and Sarika Mahbubani (Renaissance College) as these two outstanding debaters carried the hopes of their respective schools in the Gold Grand Final of the 9th HKSDPSC .

However it was island school who lasted the distance better and lifted the winners trophy at the end of the night from opposition on the motion: THW charge the CEO of corporations for crimes committed against the environment in the Third World. Brian edged Sarika for the Best Speaker award in the final which was won by a vote of 4 to 1.
Earlier, the Silver Grand Final went to Chinese International 2 over Canadian International 1 on the motion: THBT slum tourism does more harm than good. CIS propped the motion and held their ground to defeat their gallant opponents.

In the Bronze, Raimondi successfully opposed the motion promulgated by St. Paul’s Co-educational College – THW Pay for the return of hostages.

Prelim Day

The 9th HKSDPSC Senior Debating tournament drew 34 teams and after some fierce debating at GSIS on September 20th 6 teams made it to Grand Final Night. Island School led by Brian Wong will go head to head with Renaissance College led by Sarika Mahbuhani. Whoever wins we will have a new school lifting the prized gold trophy for the first time. That is very healthy for our competition and shows that if schools put in the hard work and develop their debating cultures that anything is possible.

1. Ariq Hatibie (SIS) 75.00
2. Sarika Mahbubani (RC) 74.67
3. Jack Kelleher (WIS) 74.50
4=. Bryan Chan (SIS), Eugenia Wan (WIS) 74.00
6=. Eliot Chen (GSIS), Odessa Ng (GSIS), Cody Wang (LPCUWC) Ching Suen (SIS) Natalie Fung (SPCC) 73.00
10. Tse Yan Tung (DGS) 72.67

Click on this link to view 122 of the best ever photos taken at one of our events – thanks to the GSIS photographer

Pre-tournament notes


Round 1: Impromptu (to be released on the day)
Round 2: THW tax e-cigarettes
Round 3: THS the use of drone strikes in the Middle East
Quarters: Impromptu (to be released on the day)
Semis: THBT developing countries should support commercial surrogacy

Preliminary: Sat 20th September 2014 8am to 5pm
Grand Finals: Tue 30th September 2014 4.30 pm to 9pm
Venue: German Swiss International School (
Format: World Schools Style Debating (6 min speeches, 3 min reply speeches)
Teams: 3 – 5 students per team plus 1 adjudicator.
Eligibility: Senior debaters, i.e. Years 10-13 or Forms 4-7
Registration Fee: $200 per team

Check out the photos from the night of nights here:

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