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Theme : Enterprise

I’ve chosen to go with Enterprise for its high amount of customization and many options as well as embrace of the latest WordPress technology and options. We have 2 menu bars, a custom header, custom background, many areas for widgets and lots of customizing options. The theme also looks sleek, modern and professional.
See for more.

The background color has been made to be identical to the small divider between the content and background so as to both hide it and draw attention towards the content.

The header has both the HKSDC logo, name and slogan. I’ve manipulated the position of the search bar to indicate that as well. Possible future development in using a Bauhinia flower or a speech bubble as an ‘o’. Exclamation marks ‘!’ could replace ‘l’.
An individual picture or slideshow of pictures haven’t been used both for technological difficulties and lack of space in the header area to actually show a significant piece of content. It would also be difficult to make it equal to all members or participants unless a massive group photo can be found. (A photo of a hypothetical 100 participants of the Sr HKSDC could be considered although most faces wouldn’t be seen.)


With the luxury of two menu bars, it is possible to highlight additional content. Add to that the fact that there is the possibility of using custom menus, we can selectively include and exclude certain pages or links when necessary. As such the top menu bar will be devoted to pages whilst the bottom menu bar is devoted to blogposts and news. It should be noted that all new categories and pages have to be individually added to the menu bar.

The primary menu bar will feature all pages except where we wish to exclude them. These would be limited the blog (which is featured in the secondary menu), registration confirmation, pages being developed and private link-only content for specific groups of people.

The secondary menu bar will feature generic links to the blog homepage and details on the usability of the blog. Following that we have autonomy over which categories to show and not show. All categories will be shown hierarchically except the ‘Misc’ category of posts. However, it is my intention that during certain events (such as WSDC 2010), that specific category will be put not just under ‘WSDC’ but also feature on its own to the left of ‘Blog’ thereby allowing people to easily access the news and information.


Widgets are another feature that turn up on every page. As such, the top widget on the right hand side will contain our ‘Latest Updates’ section which will be where all our new pages and links are placed instead of the usual position in the top of the welcome page. This means that the slideshow will still be highly visible with most of the latest updates on the sidebar. Occasional but rarely, we may choose to use the welcome page. However for the most time with mundane new content, we should stick to the non-intrusive sidebar.

There shouldn’t be too many widgets, especially on the side, although including the bottom because the large number of widgets would increase the length of the page and hence the loading time. It would take much longer to load and often won’t be seen anyways if at the bottom of the page. In cases where it takes much longer to load, certain viewers might actually be discouraged from loading the page altogether.


Pages are generally static without many changes. They are designed to provide general information that should be useful over a long period of time. Timeless phrases should be used with no comments.

The first page doesn’t have a title in order to save space, although it still hasn’t managed to fit the entire slideshow without having to be scrolled. However, after long investigation, the current theme and settings are already amongst the better options within WordPress. It isn’t ideal, but it is pretty good and I think acceptable. At a minimum the image is fully viewable although the slideshow as a whole with buttons, controls and border isn’t.

A set of highlight photos have been included in the Welcome slideshow. New images should be added with new events such as Sr HKSDC, Jr HKSDC, HKPSC, WSDC and WIDPSC. However, while additions should be made on a regular basis, care should also be made to remove photos whenever new photos are added. It should be regularly considered because a large number of photo increases the load time for all viewers. Extremely long loading time, particularly in places with slow internet connections, might discourage people with little patients from going to the site.

In certain situations, limited to HKSDC organized events, it may be considered whether the area above the slideshow can be used for redirecting people to useful parts of the website.

The events page should be a page designed for people to easily visit for the low-down on all events across the world. There are two segments, the upcoming events and past events with the more important upcoming events on top. As the page is aimed at helping people look for events, the upcoming events segment will be chronological going down with links to invitations so that people can easily apply. However, for past events, links should be to results where possible, and to invitations where necessary. A reverse chronological approach is adopted so that recent events, the more likely attention grabbers, are on top of the list.

The Media section is an interesting mix of items. Any photos of HK Teams (WSDC/WIDPSC) or of HKSDC events (Sr HKSDC/Jr HKSDC/HKPSC) should have a page of their own with all photos uploaded to that page seperately. The page title should be appropriate for that event including year and event. A short italic explanation should be given for those photos on that page. Photos should be displayed in coloumns of 5 with a ‘Full-width, no sidebar’ template (See Page Attributes on the right in editing mode) There should be no need to put the photos into a slideshow at the top of the page as that would simply slow down loading times. After adding the page, it should be linked in reverse chronological order on the Photos main page with the same title.

Articles should be added to reverse chronological order with the newest stuff on the top. All articles should be in the following format :

<span style="text-decoration:underline;"><strong>Source, Date</strong></span>

A brief description of what the article is about with a <a href="link">link</a> either to the original source or to HKSDC blogpost with the article content in text only.

Image with a suitable caption followed with a break to seperate articles.

Videos should be placed in groups depending on the competition, in reverse chronological order. ‘h4’ titles should be given with the competition indicated.

The resources section is the brain child of the HKSDC website. It should provide useful information, guides, examples, rules etc to new and old participants alike. It is generally static and provides general information. A clear indication that this area is neither official not up-to-date should be made clearly on the resources page to avoid confusion or people pointing to the online rules outline during HKSDC tournaments.

Gerg’s page will include a brief outline of Greg, 1 photo and a link to his unofficial facebook page. The image will automatically update with new fans, status changes and picture changes.

<a href="" target="_TOP" title="Greg Forse"><img src="" width="432" height="220.8" style="border:0;" /></a>

For both WSDC and WIDPSC, videos, motions and examples should be put in reverse chronological order with newest at top. A note should be made at the top of the page to tell people to scroll down for a full viewing of all resources. Known resources with similar videos but that were either difficult or impossible to embed or simply chosen to be excluded, should be linked to in a list at the top of the page.

A wide range of links to other sites provided for on the links page. Links should be categorized in the following ways and should be displayed as lists under those categories :

  • Category – Explanation
  • National Committees
  • WSDC
  • Debaters
  • General Sites

All links should be checked bimonthly to ensure that they are still valid with new links added at those times or whenever available.


Main area of change, intended as a dynamic.
There should be regular changes which helps increase standing in search indexes
In the future, ‘contributors’ could be invited with guest posts, announcement of results and reports as well as invitations to events.

Don’t use heading 2 as it appears distorted in the overall blog view.


Tweetmeme should be included at the top of all blog posts
Sharing icons used at the bottom of all blog posts.
No sharing icons on any pages.

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All sharing coded. Alter URL, SUBJECT, TITLE, NOTES and STATUS

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All sharing coded. Add URL

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