Welcome to the brain of the HKSDC website. Here you can find all forms of information – Coaching, Tournament Hosting, rules, motions and videos of both the WSDC and WIDPSC format – to check out.

Disclaimer : All the content included in the WSDC, WIDPSC and Organizers resources section are intended only as basic guides. They may not be the most updated  or  final versions adopted by individual competitions. Users are encouraged to refer to their official rules, including those of HKSDC events.

HKSDC is pleased to introduce Greg Forse to those who wish to receive further coaching from a man who has done it all. Greg was a member of the 2005 national team and has since coached the 2008 and 2010 national teams as well as the 2010 HoEDT team. Find out more or contact Greg at our coaching page.

Part of our efforts to promote debating in Hong Kong is to provide resources and assistance to those unfamiliar with the formats. At our resources center, you can find more information both for the WSDC format and the WIDPSC format. For each format, we have gone out of our way to gather together a wealth of videos, guides, rules, motions and even a few examples from former participants who have give us permission to feature their work.

There are many who have expressed interest in hosting HKSDC or their own tournaments. That’s why there is a section for ‘Organizers‘, where you can find guides to organizing competitions, schedules, tabs and rules. If you have organized an event and would like to publicize it, email us at hongkongsdc@gmail.com. We look forward to posting it on our blog.

Debaters are notorious for knowing way too much about just about everything. In order to help foster that, we’ve put together an exhaustive list of other debating or public speaking related sites from international organizations and national committees to debating blogs. All that and more can be found at our links page.

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