Here are some videos of debates in the World Schools Debate Format in reverse chronological order. Here are other debates we have chosen not to embed but that you are welcome to watch:

Embedded Videos

Please note that this is an exhaustive list of videos some of which take up considerable space. You should scroll through to the bottom to see the whole variety of examples.

Heart of Europe Debating tournament 2010, Grand Finals : Hong Kong vs. South Africa : THBT Israel should be obliged (if necessary by force) to withdraw from all Lands acquired since 1966

South Africa won 6-3

Alternatively, you can watch the debate in parts on Youtube.

WSDC 2010 GF: Canada vs. England : THBT the government should never bail out big businesses

Canada won 7-2

WSDC 2010 R6 : Canada vs. South Korea : THBT the developing world should prioritize economic development before environmental protection

Canada won 3-0

WSDC 2010 R8 : Nepal vs. Mongolia : THBT we would legalize performance-enhancing drugs in sports

Mongolia won 3-0

New Zealand Debating Championship 2009 SF : Auckland Blue vs. Wellington Black : THW never recognise governments that take power by coup

WSDC 2009 : Turkey vs. South Africa : THW encourage the expanded use of civilian nuclear energy

WSDC 2008 GF : New Zealand vs. England : THW expand the Permanent membership of the UN Security Council

England won 5-4

WSDC 2008 SF : New Zealand vs. Scotland : THW have the United States lift economic sanctions on Cuba

New Zealand won 7-0

WSDC 2008 QF : England vs. Israel : TH regrets the hosting of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing

England won 4-1

WSDC 2008 OF : Slovenia vs. Israel : THBT heads of government should be required to have a parliamentary majority to govern

Israel won 5-0

WSDC 2007 R6 : Ireland vs. South Korea : This House would legalize all drugs

Ireland won 2-1