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Sr HKSDC Workshop Reminder


Sr HKSDC Superclash One

World Schools Format Workshop

@SIS IB Center 4:30 – 6:30 Monday 13th Sep

Thanks to those who have expressed an interest in the HKSDC pre-tournament workshop. The format of the workshop will be different to last time with the feature this time being a “show debate” with discussion of the world’s style.

For those new to the format you should still check out our resources at:

The starting time has been moved back to 4.30 pm to accommodate schools who finish closer to 4pm, to allow them time to get to South Island School. SIS is a little remote in terms of transport so the best transport is to share a taxi. All the address details and location maps can be found at our website:

Address : South Island School, 50 Nam Fung Road, Shouson Hill, Hong Kong.

The workshop is in the IB centre, 6th floor, C block. When you arrive go to the school’s foyer and ask at reception where to go. From reception proceed down the corridor at the left of the reception desk and beyond it to the end where you will find the lift to take you to the IB centre. There will be students there to guide you.

Regarding payment, team contacts will be sent an invoice next week with payment instructions. Fee is $300 per team. Lunch will be provided on the day in the school’s refectory. This lunch is only for team members and coaches, so if supporters come they will have to provide their own food. The school has plenty of drinks machines as well.

See you tomorrow.
Michael Evershed (Sr HKSDC Summer 2010 Tournament Director)
September 12th 2010

URGENT : Team Details required for Sr HKSDC


Sr HKSDC on 25 Sep @ South Island School



Hi there everyone involved in the HKSDC Senior tournament on September 25th.
Now that everyone is back at school, it is time to get down to business.

There are 28 schools that have previously indicated their interest in entering the tournament.
I now need details of all teams so that I can produce the draw for the first two prepared debates with motions by Friday, September 10th. Could you please check the table below, of information I have so far received. You will see many gaps that must be filled before your team is fully confirmed. Please email hongkongsdc@gmail.com the missing details ASAP.

At the very least I require the name of the adjudicator/coach which effectively confirms your team’s entry. You will recall that HKSDC has a strict policy of “no adjudicator, no entry”. This is to make sure that all teams bear the burden of this very important aspect of the tournament.

If your school has decided to NOT enter the tournament, I must know ASAP because this affects the draw and team balance.
Check for details of the event at https://hksdc.wordpress.com/2010/08/25/sr-hksdc-update-august-25th-2010/

Here is the information I have received so far :

School Coach/Adjudicator Team
South Island School Michael Evershed Tiffany Chung, Pavan Hegde, Katriana Milne
German Swiss International Schoool Krystyna Butchart Heather Pickerell
Chinese International School Nuala O’Connell Resa Ng, Emily Tsui, Justin Chan, Lorraine Leung, Joel Chi
Queens College Benjamin So Jeffrey Wong, Albert Lam, Denis Kwong, Jethro Wong
St. Joseph College
Island School Daniel Trump, Ric Faulkner
West Island School Jo Piavanini
Canadian International School Shannon Kerry
Ying Wa College Greg Forse
King George V Duncan McIntyre
Hong Kong Academy Blessie
Ying Wa Girls School Christine Xavier
LPC United World College
Renaissance College Ray Young
Discovery College
La Salle College
Wah Yan Kowloon /
St Stephens Girls’ College Julien Hawthorne Chan Wai Yan Viann, Leona Keung, Cinzia Lau, Luis Ho, Lilian Wong, Selina Cheng
Diocesan Boys School James Lo
Heep Yunn School Steven Lee
Diocesan Girls School
Shatin College Annette Chau Justin Lee, Irving Teng, Austin Lee, Jason Wong
Raimondi College
St Paul’s CoEd Mary Bodomo
Maryknoll Convent School
Stewards PKC Tom Derbyshire
Hang Seng School of Commerce
St Paul’s College

Could you please get back to me ASAP with definite confirmations so I can release the draw and motions next Friday September 10th 2010. Remember we are also running a workshop for teams and coaches at SIS on Monday September 13th, 4-6pm.

I look forward to seeing you all again.
Michael Evershed (Tournament Director)
September 4th 2010

EVENTS: Cambridge Union HK Visit



Date : To be determined
Venue : Hong Kong Secondary Schools
Format : To be determined
Eligibility : All ages
Website : http://www.cus.org/competitive_debating/
Email : debating@cus.org

From the organizers

Dear Sir or Madam,

I’m the Cambridge Union Society’s Debating Officer. The Cambridge Union is Cambridge University’s oldest and most prestigious student society. One of the aims of the Cambridge Union is to help spread debating to countries and schools that currently have limited exposure to it. We already run coaching sessions in schools in the US and in Turkey, and are looking to expand into other areas.

I’ve attached a letter explaining what we hope to do, and at this stage we are just looking to see if there is any interest. I would grateful if you could pass this on to the right person.

Kind regards,
Harish Natarajan

Jack Watson and Harish Natarajan
Debating Officers
Cambridge Union Society


Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing on behalf of the Cambridge Union Society. The Cambridge Union Society is Cambridge University’s oldest and most prestigious society. Founded in 1815, we have welcomed speakers from across the world including President Ronald Reagan, Rev. Jessie Jackson, Prof. Stephen Hawkins and Desmond Tutu. Former Presidents of the Society include John Maynard Keynes, former British Foreign Secretary Douglas Herd, Michael Howard and Arianna Huffington.

As Debating Officer at the Cambridge Union, I aim to help spread debating across the globe. The Cambridge Union currently runs a debating and coaching tour to the United States and Turkey. We are currently exploring the possibility of running similar tours to schools in Hong Kong.

The Cambridge Union Society has some of the World’s best debaters. We are the current English National Champions, and several of our members have ranked at, or near to, top at the World Universities Debating Championship. We run the world’s largest Schools Debating Competition, and teach debating across the globe. Further our members are amongst the Universities highest achievers. Over half our members obtained First Class degrees last year, and three have Starred Firsts from the University. Many have gone on to have successful careers in law, finance, many do postgraduate degrees, and serve as Cambridge University supervisors.

Debating is a valuable skill for students to learn. Debating gives students the ability to speak confidently in front of large audiences and perform in high pressure interview situations. Debating helps develop the ability to rapidly construct logical arguments and discuss ideas of significance. Debating is a skill that is looked on favourably by University admissions boards. Recognising these benefits has led to schools across Qatar, for instance, to participate in the activity.

We are hoping to run coaching programs in schools across Hong Kong. We propose that four Cambridge University debaters speak in an entertaining and stimulating public debate, and run a workshop, teaching core debating skills to students over one or two days. Ideally we would help set up (or expand) internal debating societies, and get more of your students involved in the activity. While in your school, we can also answer questions about studying in England, and at Cambridge University in particular.

The Cambridge Union Society is a registered charity, thus the objective of the tour is not to make money. As such we would only require that reasonable expenses are covered (around £2000 for 4 debaters). That amount could decrease based on the number of schools interested. We do not have a firm timetable for running these events, and they can be run at your school’s convenience.

If you are at all interested, please contact me for more details. At this stage the Union’s tour of Hong Kong is only exploratory – and depends on whether there sufficient interest in our program. If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully, Harish Natarajan


Cambridge Union Invitation Hong Kong

DebateHK Summer Courses


Hi everyone!

This is Greg Forse from DebateHK. I met many of you at the recent tournament on the 28th and just wanted to write to let you know some of the details about the upcoming workshops during the summer. Some of you may have already received this information in which case please ignore and forgive the badgering! To everyone else my company will be holding wolrds schools debating workshops for open to ALL AGES during the summer, the details are as follows.

We are actually planning to have two workshops assuming we can get enough people to fill them all. The first is called a beginners workshop but really that is just a title and is really aimed at going over the basics of worlds style debating and making sure they are all firm and well understood and then introducing more difficult stuff as and when we feel it’s appropriate. So this is basically the course for anyone who would like to practice and refine their skills and makes sure all the basics are well understood. Even though it is called beginners there is more to it than that.

The second course is called intermediate and again is more high level than the name implies as this courses assumes that the basics are all fully understood and allows students to explore more complicated areas as well as spar with those of a similarly high level. The motions, speech length and general quality expected reflect this jump in level. This is the course for anyone wants to hone their skills and practice against people of a high level.

The practical details of the courses are very similar. They will be held on the same days at the same place. The dates are the 13th-17th of July. The beginners course will run from the 9:30AM-12:30PM and the Intermediate from 2PM-5PM. The course’s venue is in the last stages of negotiation so is technically TBC however, is likely to be a school in Yau Ma Tei. The course is 15 hours (five three hour lessons) and comes with certificate upon completion. The cost is $1200 per student. If anyone wish to confirm a place then please send me an email (gforse@debatehk.com) with their full name and contact number. I will send you a confirmation email near the time.

Anyone who has any questions please email me at this address and hopefully see some of you over the summer !