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After 44 debates at Discovery College on Friday May 28th two teams emerged as worthy combatants for the prize of tournament Champion. South island School Team 2 engaged in battle from proposition with Hong Kong Academy Team 2 on the motion “This House believes that blocking and filtering of  internet websites by governments does more good than harm”.

In a lively debate, SIS2 managed to pull ahead on the point that when governments apply such moves, they do so to protect “the greater good”. HKA2 had a more sophisticated counter point that non-censorship of such sites could actually inform the public of what is out there in public forums and thus create open challenges to such sites.

In the end, SIS2 developed further points and won because some of these were left standing, and they showed more clinical, strategic approach to the debate. International adjudicator, Mehvesh Ahmed commented on the high quality of  the debating in both the semi- finals and grand final.

Congratulations to both teams of finalists:

  • SIS2: Avirup Banerjee, Saharsha Karki, Evan Leung and Janna Ng
  • HKA2: Camila Saravia, Victoria Saravia, Alison Choi and Elisa Ip

Of the 22 competing teams, all top 11 won at least 2 out of 3 preliminary debates:

  1. South Island School 2 (CHAMPION TROPHY AWARD)
  2. Hong Kong Academy 2 (RUNNER-UP TROPHY AWARD)
  3. South Island School 1
  4. Hong Kong Academy 1
  5. West Island School 1
  6. Diocesan Boys’ School
  7. Queen’s College 2
  8. Chinese International School
  9. King George V School 2
  10. Renaissance College 1
  11. Queen Elizabeth School 2

Total after three preliminary debates. (Participation in a minimum of 2 debates required)

  1. Lucien Wang – King George V School 2 (BEST SPEAKER AWARD)
  2. Avirup Banerjee – South Island School 2
  3. Camila Saravia – Hong Kong Academy 2
  4. Newton Cheng – Hong Kong Academy 1
  5. Saharsha Karki – South Island School 2
  6. Madhav Menon – South Island School 1
  7. Aaron Francis – Hong Kong Academy 1
  8. Lara Gander – West Island School 1
  9. Nathan Chan – Diocesan Boys’ School
  10. Steve Lo – Diocesan Boys’ School

Participation open to 5 best speakers outside of semi-final teams.

  1. Steve Lo – Diocesan Boys’ School (BEST IMPROMPTU SPEECH AWARD)
  2. Lucien Wang – King George V School
  3. Nathan Chan –Diocesan Boys’ School
  4. Lara Gander – West Island School1
  5. Katherine Pemberton – Chinese International School
  1. This House would put a fat tax on fast food. (Prepared)
  2. This House believes that CCTV is a threat to privacy. (Prepared)
  3. This House believes that dating at secondary school does more good than harm. (Impromptu)
  4. This House believes that celebrities have a positive effect on society. (Impromptu – SF & Friendly)
  5. This House believes that the blocking and filtering of internet sites by governments brings more good than harm. (Impromptu – GF)

Congratulations to all debaters for making the day engaging, lively and memorable. Stay tuned for details of next years’ two major Junior events events.
Many thanks to Discovery College for hosting the smooth running event .
Thanks also go to the ESF for financially and ideologically backing the development of  the HKSDC and the Discovery College tournament.

Well done! See you on the debating floor.
Michael Evershed  and Flora Mather (Tournament Organisers)

Date : Friday 28th May 2010
Venue : Discovery College, 38 Siena Drive, Discovery Bay, Hong Kong
Time : 8.30am to 5.00pm (Please allow an additional hour from central ferry departure time)
Eligibility : Junior Debaters – Years 7-9 (International Schools) / Forms 1-3 (Local Schools)

Draw and Motion will be released on 14th May
Pre-Championship Workshop to be held on Monday, 17th May at South Island School
$200 Reg
tournament cap 24
6 minute constructive speeches (100 marks) followed by 3 minute reply speech (50 marks)
Impromptu Speaking Contest – Auditorium

The top 6 speakers from the teams NOT in the semi-finals to contest an impromptu speech contest to take place while finalists prepare for the final. 3 minutes preparation, 3 minutes delivery.