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HKSDPSC does battle at The Foreign Correspondents’ Club


The high-achieving student team representing the Hong Kong Schools Debating and Public Speaking Community (HKDPSC) emerged the winners of a excellent and tough public debate against The Foreign Correspondents’ Club’s (FCC) team. The HKDPSC team comprised of Natalie So, James Lo and Benjamin Allen. Representing the FCC were SCMP business editor Nick Edwards, Bloomberg reporter Rachel Evans and barrister Kevin Egan. The two teams faced-off on the motion that ‘This house believes that the growth of social media is the single biggest challenge facing journalism today’ with the HKDPSC team affirming the motion and the FCC team in opposition. Before the debate, the audience voted 40% in favour, 39% against and 21% undecided. After a spirited debate from both sides, the audience voted 54% in favour and 43% against, giving the HKSDPSC team the win.

Below is an excerpt of the debate courtesy of the FCC and a report of the event by the SCMP Young Post.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRbF7cIiPBo

Results for the 6th Jr HKSDC Tournament


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Champions: GSIS 1
Runners-up: CIS 1
Best Speaker: Angel Cheung (GSIS 1)

Top 10 Teams
Excluding the breaking teams (CIS 1, GSIS 1, SIS and Raimondi), the teams have been ranked on the basis of the results following the three initial preliminary rounds as well as friendly debate.

  • 1. [Champion] CIS 1
  • 2. [Runners-up] GSIS 1
  • 3. [Semi-finalist] SIS
  • 4. [Semi-finalist] Raimondi
  • 5. LSC – 3 wins/987 points
  • 6. GSIS 2 – 3/979
  • 7. CIS 2 – 3/854.5
  • 8. HKIS – 2/984
  • 9. AIS – 2/950.5
  • 10. SPCC – 2/907.5

Top 10 Speakers

  • 1. Angel Cheung (GSIS 1) 72.6
  • 2. Sarika Mahbubani (RCHK) 72.5
  • 2. Isaac Chung (Raimondi) 72.5
  • 4. John Yap (CIS 1) 72.3
  • 5. Eliot Chen (GSIS 1) 72
  • 5. Jimin Kang (CIS 2) 72
  • 7. Ariq Hatibie (SIS) 71.6
  • 7. Andrew Kao (HKIS) 71.6
  • 9. Nicholas Vallone (CIS 1) 71.5
  • 9. Katrina Chu (KGV) 71.5


Round 1: Impromptu, Motion
Round 2: This House believes that the United States has done more good than harm to the rest of the world.
Round 3: This house believes that governments should use economic methods to encourage healthy behavior.
SF/Friendlies: Impromptu Motion
Grand Final: : This house believes that individuals who make damaging comments on social media should face prosecution.

In the draw below, the team mentioned first in each contest is the proposition and the team second is opposition.


Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
CNDIS (Prop) vs CIS 2 (Opp) KGV (Prop) vs QES (Opp) Raimondi (Prop) vs STC (Opp)
GSIS 1 vs LSC HKIS vs GSIS 1 GSIS 1 vs CIS 2
CIS 1 vs QES GSIS 2 vs CIS 1 CIS 1 vs AIS
RC vs QC CIS 2 vs RC SSGC vs QC
Raimondi vs KGV STC vs SSGC CNDIS vs KGV
IS vs STC QC vs Raimondi QES vs LSC

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Chinese International School victorious in the 5th HKSDC Junior Tournament



The fifth Junior Hong Kong Schools Debating Championship was held on the 17th March 2012 at Canadian International School. 24 teams from 23 schools in Hong Kong participated, with each team consisting of 3-5 members and debates were in Worlds Style.

Chinese International School, German Swiss International School, South Island School and Diocesan Boys School broke into the semi-finals, debating the motion THW allow parents to access the social networking sites of their children.

CIS and GSIS defeated their opponents and went on to debate the motion THW ban the use of animals in sport and entertainment in the Grand Finals, with CIS picking up the Champions trophy, defeating a gallant GSIS. Scroll down for team rankings and total speaker points.

Queenie Fung, who debated superbly throughout the tournament for Heep Yunn School, was crowned “Best Speaker”. Scroll down for the top 30 speaker rankings.

In an innovation for HKSDC, three “New Speaker Awards” were handed out to Bianca Chan (Maryknoll Convent School), Arnesh Batlaw (HKIS) and Alex Yeung (DBS). This award is for debaters who have never before participated an HKSDC tournament and is designed to encourage all new debaters to take part and aim to achieve at the top level.

History – Previous winners

As this is the 5th event it is worth looking back over the previous tournament prizewinners.

1st Junior HKSDC May 2010 Champion: South Island School, Runner-Up: Hong Kong Academy, Best Speaker: Lucien Wang (KGV), Host: Discovery College
2nd Junior HKSDC November 2010 Champion: St. Paul’s Co-ed, Runner-Up: Heep Yunn School, Best Speaker: Michelle Sum (HYS), Host: German Swiss International School
3rd Junior HKSDC June 2011 Champion: KGV 1, Runner-Up: KGV2, Best Speaker: Audrey Foo (Renaissance College) Host: South Island School
4th Junior HKSDC November 2011 Champion: German Swiss International School, Runner-Up: Chinese International School, Best Speaker: Amanda Sin (GSIS), Host: Independent Schools Foundation Academy
5th Junior HKSDC March 2012 Champion: Chinese International School, Runner-Up: German Swiss International School Best Speaker: Queenie Fung (HYS), Host: Canadian International School


  • R1 (Impromptu): THBT 14 is too young to start dating
  • R2 (Prep): THBT teenagers need protecting from violent song lyrics, video games and movies
  • R3 (Prep): THBT all products should have a carbon footprint label
  • SF/Friendly (Impromptu): THW allow parents to access the social networking sites of their children
  • GF: THW ban the use of animals in sport and entertainment

Results for the 5th Junior HKSDC held at CDNIS

Team Tab

  • 1. CIS 3 wins, 760.5 speaker points
  • 2. GSIS 3,750.5
  • 3. SIS 3,744
  • 3. DBS 3,740.5
  • 5. St. Paul’s Co-educational 2, 760
  • 6. Renaissance 2,752
  • 7. DGS 2,751
  • 8. St. Stephen’s Girls College 2,749
  • 9. Heep Yunn School 2,747
  • 10. Queen’s College 2,738
  • 11. American International 2,730.5
  • 12. Maryknoll Convent 2,722
  • 13. Hong Kong International School 1,749
  • 14.Canadian International School 1,741.5
  • 15= La Salle College 1, 739
  • 16= Ying Wa College 1, 739
  • 17. Queen Elizabeth School 1, 737.5
  • 18. West Island School 1,728
  • 19. Canadian International School 2 1,717.5
  • 20. Wah Yan Kowloon 1,714
  • 21. KGV 0, 729
  • 22. Island School 0,728
  • 23. St. Joseph’s College 0,725
  • 24. Shatin College 0,720

Speaker Tab
Highest average of at least two debates in the first three rounds. 120 debaters spoke at the tournament – here are the top 30 ranked speakers

  • 1. Queenie Fung (Heep Yunn School) 74
  • 2. Caton Yang (Renaissance College) 73.67
  • 3= Eleanor Yung (St. Paul’s Co-ed College) 73.5
  • 3= Nicole Lau (St. Stephen’s Girls’ College) 73.5
  • 5. Eliot Chen (German Swiss International School 1) 73.3
  • 6= Vanessa Ma (Diocesan Girls’ School) 73
  • 6= Nicole Liu (Diocesan Girls’ School) 73
  • 8. Bianca Chan (Maryknoll Convent School) 72.75
  • 9= Arnesh Batlaw (HK International School) 72.67
  • 9= Thomas Yeon (Ying Wa College) 72.67
  • 9= Alex Yeung (Diocesan Boys’ School) 72.67
  • 12= Toby Smith (KGV) 72.5
  • 12= Charlotte Lam (St. Stephen’s Girls’ College) 72.5
  • 14. Odetta Li (Island School) 72.33
  • 15. Gary Chen (American International School) 72.17
  • 16= Margaret Ho (Canadian International School) 72
  • 16= Nikita Agrawal (South Island School) 72
  • 16= Nicholas Valione (Chinese International School) 72
  • 16= John Yap (Chinese International School) 72
  • 16= Audrey Foo (Renaissance College) 72
  • 16= Alison Iu (German Swiss International School 2) 72
  • 16= Nicholas Lin (St. Paul’s Co-ed College) 72
  • 23= Ji-Min Kang (South Island School) 71.67
  • 23= James Ng (La Salle College) 71.67
  • 23= Rachel Tang (HK International School) 71.5
  • 26= Jonathan Chu (Ying Wa College) 71.5
  • 26= Sharon Fong (Heep Yunn School) 71.5
  • 26= Christine Wong (Diocesan Girls’ School) 71.5
  • 26= Adriana Lee (Diocesan Girls’ School) 71.5
  • 26= Jiawei Wang (St.Stephens’ Girls College) 71.5
  • 26= Jonathan Hsu (Diocesan Boys’ School) 71.5

Date: Saturday March 17th, 2012
Location: CDNIS, 36 Nam Long Shan Road Aberdeen, Hong Kong.
Time: 8.30am to 4.30 pm
Age: Form 1-3 (local schools) or Years 7 to 9 (international schools) Please note difference from earlier Junior Tournament.
Register: email cdnisjrtournament2012@gmail.com
Website: https://hksdc.wordpress.com/


  • Timings 5/5/5/2.5 minutes (marks 100/100/100/50)
  • Three preliminary debates followed by semi finals/friendlies (4th debate for those not in semis) and a grand final. All teams get a minimum of 4 debates. Two impromptu, Two prepared, plus a prepared final.
  • Entry fee for tournament is just $150. This fee is to cover trophies, costs, etc. Schools will be asked to pay on day of tournament. A receipt will be issued at point of payment on day of tournament. Please note, LUNCH IS NOT PROVIDED. We ask that team members bring their own lunches from outside. Microwaves, vending machines, and water will be available.
  • Jr HKSDC Summer 2011 – Results


    Results for the Summer 2011 edition of the Junior Hong Kong Schools Debating Championships

    Team Tab

    1. KGV 1, 2 wins, 761 speaker points
    2. KGV 2, 3, 767
    3. SIS 1, 3, 758.5
    4. CIS, 2, 757.5
    5. RCHK, 2, 735
    6. GSIS 2, 2, 752
    7. STC, 2, 747
    8. WYK, 2, 732
    9. GSIS 1, 2, 719
    10. SIS 3, 1, 746
    11. SJC, 1, 743
    12. IS 1, 1, 740
    13. MCS, 1, 732.5
    14. SIS 2, 0, 735
    15. IS 2, 0, 727
    16. WIS, 0, 709

    Speaker Tab

    • 1. Audrey Foo (RCHK), 74.50
    • 2. Narumi Nagaya-Wong (KGV 1), 74.00
    • 3. Kasper Fan (KGV 2), 73.67
    • 3. Janna Ng (SIS 1), 73.67
    • 5. Christopher Park (KGV 1), 73.50
    • 6. Ephraim Chan (WYK), 73.00
    • 6. Brian Wong (IS 1), 73.00
    • 6. John Yap (CIS), 73.00
    • 6. Ryan Lao (KGV 1), 73.00
    • 10. Michelle Lai (KGV 2), 72.83
    • 11. Chloe Cheung (GSIS 2), 72.67
    • 11. Nicholas Valone (CIS), 72.67
    • 13. Josephine Lam (KGV 2), 72.50
    • 14. Ji-Min Kang (SIS 3), 72.33
    • 14. Theodore Chan (SIS 1), 72.33
    • 14. Caton Yang (RCHK), 72.33
    • 14. George Lloyd (RCHK), 72.33
    • 14. Horace Fung (SIS 1), 72.33
    • 19. Vinson Yew (IS 2), 72.00
    • 19. Ferederick Yeung Shun Tak (SJC), 72.00
    • 19. Angelina Li (STC), 72.00
    • 19. Haylee Wong (STC), 72.00

    Junior Hong Kong Schools Debating Championships Summer Series 2011

    Date : Saturday 18th June 2011
    Venue : South Island School, 50 Nam Fung Road, Shouson Hill, Hong Kong
    Time : 8.00am to 5.00pm
    Eligibility : Junior Debaters – Years 7-9 (International Schools) / Forms 1-3 (Local Schools)

    Debating Plan

    Preliminary Rounds

    Each team will have 3 debates consisting of :

    • 2 prepared debates (Motions will be released before tournament)
    • 1 impromptu debate (30 minute preparation time)
    Semi-Final and Friendly Debates

    Impromptu debates with 30 minutes preparation time.

    • Semi-Final 1 : 1st breaking team vs 4th breaking team
    • Semi-Final 2 : 2nd breaking team vs 3rd breaking team

    Remaining teams have friendly debates on the same motion. Teams will be paired according to their rankings in the preliminary rounds so that they will debate against teams of similar abilities (ie. 5 vs 6, 7 vs 8) unless teams have already debated each other earlier.
    Teams can mix and match team members, as the friendlies are designed to allow teams to give all team members a chance to debate.

    Teams will get a minimum of 4 debates, the Grand Finalists will complete 5 debates.

    Grand Final

    The winners of the semi-finals will compete in the Grand Final, which will be an impromptu debate with 30 minute preparation time. The motion for the Grand Final will be released two weeks before the day of the tournament. The other debaters are expected to watch as members of the audience.

    Event Details

    1. Each team should consist of 3-5 team members. Only 3 participate in any debate, but all 5 can help in preparation.
    2. All teams MUST be accompanied by a coach/adjudicator. This is a strict policy to ensure that all teams provide an adjudicator. For this tournament adjudicators can be senior students if they have WSDC debating experience or coaches
    3. The tournament will be in the World Schools Format. Resources, including guides for debaters and adjudicators can be found at our resources page.
    4. Each side will give 3 constructive speeches followed by a 4th reply speech by either 1st or 2nd speaker
    5. Constructive speeches of 5 minutes (100 marks) are followed by 2 minute 30 second reply speech (50 marks
    6. At least 2 Points of Information are expected to be offered by each member of team per speech, and each of the constructive speakers should take 2 between 1:00 and 5:00 minutes. No POIs should be given during the the first and last minutes, which is protected time signaled by the time keeper, or during the reply.
    7. As per WSDC, no new material permitted at third or reply
    8. NOTE: Visit our videos page for sample videos of World Schools Format debates.
    9. Each school may only send 1 team. The organizers reserve the right to invite second teams or create swing teams to even up the number of teams.
    10. Tournament Cap : 24 teams


    The team cap of 24 teams will be processed on a first-come-first-serve basis with a waiting list for later applicants.
    Schools will be granted 1 team but may indicate if they wish to register a second team. Schools wishing to register second teams will be given slots after first teams are allocated according to the order of application.

    Enter by 3rdJune 2011

    Register for this event by sending an email to: hongkongsdc@gmail.com
    Teams must provide a judge who may be a senior students if they have WSDC debating experience or the school’s coaches. No judge, no entry.

    This must then be followed up by sending an entry cheque of $400 made out to “South Island School” and posted to Mr. Michael Evershed, “The Hong Kong Schools Debating Council”, South Island School, 50 Nam Fung Road Aberdeen. This fee is to cover lunch, trophies and other costs associated with running the tournament.

    Draw and motions will be released on Tuesday 7th June.

    Team Hong Kong Selections 2011 [WSDC 2011] [WIDPSC 2011]


    Congratulations to the following 12 debaters who have made the Hong Kong squad for the World Schools Debating Championships 2011. Ultimately, 5 debaters will be chosen from the squad to represent Hong Kong in Dundee in August 2011.

    • Raphael Leung
    • Ben Allen
    • Tiffany Chung
    • Pavan Hegde
    • Sanborn Li
    • Griffith Cheng
    • Heather Pickerell
    • James Lo
    • Justin Lee
    • Austin Lee
    • Iris Zhang
    • Natalie So

    I would like to thank all those who took part in the process. Good luck to those who missed out – you all have a lot to offer debating in Hong Kong. I look forward to seeing you all around the tournaments.

    Greg Forse will call the first meeting of the squad before Christmas and spell out expectations. In general, we will train the squad regularly until February and then make the final 5 selection.

    Hong Kong Schools Debating Council

    https://hksdc.wordpress.com/ – Free speech. For all. Forever.

    Worlds Teams Selection Announcement

    The following two teams will be selected over the coming months. Below are details as to how these teams will be chosen. They are two distinct teams with very different skill sets, and therefore have two quite different selection processes.

    1. WSDC: World Schools Debating Council Championships 2010 – Dundee, Scotland
        Tournament dates: August 16-26, 2011.
        Selection dates: November 22 and 24, 2010

    2. WIDPSC: World Individuals Debating and Public Speaking Championship 2011 – Brisbane. Australia
         Tournament dates: April 3 – 9, 2011.
         Selection date: January 22, 2011

    WSDC Selection

    Number of places: 12 will be selected to form a squad which will be cut to the final team of 5 by the end of January after more intensive training and debates. (this is known as the squad system)

    Dates: November 22nd (Monday) and 24th (Wednesday) 4.30 -7.30pm

    Venue: To be announced

    Trialists: Based on the rankings and performances at the recent HKSDC Senior Tournament, 18 students have earned the right to trial for the Hong Kong team. These students will be contacted shortly to determine their interest and availability. This method of selecting trialists was flagged in emails prior to the tournament and in several other announcements. HKSDC also reserves the right to consider, for inclusion in the trial, worthy candidates who were not available to debate on that day on a case by case basis.

    Process: Trialists will complete 4 impromptu debates over two sessions before a panel of at least 6 selectors. Debaters will be mixed and matched until all selectors have seen all the debaters.

    Contact: For more information or queries contact Michael Evershed at hongkongsdc@gmail.com

    WIDPSC Selection

    Number of places: 6 – maximum of 2 from any one school.

    Date: January 22 2011

    Venue: To be announced

    Trialists: Each school can submit only 2 students for selection. Open to any school, but each school must supply an adjudicator. Schools should therefore conduct their own trials before the WIDPSC trial to determine the best two candidates.

    Process: This is a stand alone, one day only event and the winner will be awarded a trophy from HKSDC. As in the past, this will be a mini World Individual’s Competition with all four categories being tested. For information about these, go to the WIDPSC resource center on the HKSDC website.
    Students will be scored by the adjudicators on all four categories, their scores tallied and the top 6 students on the day will make up the team.

    Rules: All the rules for the selection process will be published in due course.

    Contact Person: For more information or queries contact the competition organizer, Mary Garland at mgarland@mail.sis.edu.hk


    At the time of writing there is no sponsorship to defray the costs of student involvement in these two teams.
    Experience tells us that at least $10,000 per person will be needed to cover the costs of travel, registration and coach’s subsidy.


    Any student taking part in the trials must have prior parental permission to attend the tournaments.


    At this stage register your interest with the contact persons: Mary Garland and Michael Evershed.
    Further details will be published.