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GSIS victorious after Yew Chung come within an ace of causing major upset


Host school Yew Chung International nearly caused the biggest upset in local debating at the 6th Senior HKSDC event when they put up a gallant performance in the Grand Final before going down 4-3 to German Swiss International who become the first school to hold both the Junior and Senior debating trophies at the same time.

Debate 2-3-2013  257
In what proved a difficult motion to define – THBT, upon death, every person’s body should revert to the State for scientific use, or for organ donation, depending on necessity – both teams struggled to clarify key points in sew-sawing final.

GSIS finally got the result after getting drawn into a definitional dispute with their less experienced but feisty opponents.

Earlier in the semi finals, GSIS defeated South Island School 5-0 and Yew Chung beat La Salle in a 3-2 split, both winners coming from opposition to win.

Isaac Chung from Raimondi College picked the Best Speaker trophy – a meritorious effort since he finished third in the last HKSDC Junior tournament.

Participating teams: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ow8V-0NZbn4qogURuuuVo_3YLRMS2b4KiV91o9_Ag3I/edit#gid=0

R1: This house would put economy over environment in developing countries (Impromptu)
R2: This House would allow all countries to have nuclear weapons
R3: This House believes that parents should not have the right to actively promote their own religion to their children
SF: THBT torture is a legitimate method of extracting information from terrorist suspects
Friendly: THBT schools should actively discourage their students from using facebook
GF: THBT, upon death, every person’s body should revert to the State for scientific use, or for organ donation, depending on necessity
Debate 2-3-2013  256Top 16 Teams
Breaking teams have been ranked on the final results, other teams are ranked on the basis of the three initial preliminary rounds

  • 1. [Champion] GSIS
  • 2. [Runners-up] YCIS
  • 3. [Semi-finalist] SIS
  • 4. [Semi-finalist] LSC
  • 5. CIS – 3 wins/739 points
  • 6. DGS 2 – 3/738
  • 7. WYCHK – 3/716
  • 8. MCS – 2 wins /745 points
  • 9. DBS – 2/742
  • 10. Raimondi – 2/741
  • 11=. SPCC – 2/738
  • 11=. WIS – 2/738
  • 13=. ICS – 3/735
  • 13=. SJC – 3/735
  • 15. HKIS – 2/729
  • 16. DC – 2/720

Debate 2-3-2013  129Top 10 Speakers

  • 1. Isaac Chung (Raimondi) 72.67
  • 2. Eunice Leung (MCS) 72.33
  • 2=. Bon Bong (DGS) 72
  • 2=. Kay Cheng (ICS) 72
  • 2=. Pavan Hegde (SIS 1) 72
  • 2=. Ho Gabrielle (SSGC) 72
  • 7=. Hubert Cruz (LSC) 71.67
  • 7=. Zachariah Lee (SPCC) 71.67
  • 7=. Annie Hao (YCIS) 71.67
  • 7=. Joshua Wang (YCIS) 71.67

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[RESULTS] Sr HKSDC February 2012


Results for the 4th Senior Hong Kong Schools Debating Championships held at Chinese International School on the 4th, February 2012.
La Salle maintain dominance in Senior HKSDC Debating, taking 3rd crown in four finals
The 4th Senior Hong Kong Schools Debating Championships was held at Chinese International School on the 4th, February 2012.

La Salle, Sr HKSDC Champions with Best Speaker Ben Allen (Feb 2012)

St. Paul's Co-ed, Runners-up (Feb 2012)

Team Tab

  • 1. La Salle
  • 2. St. Paul’s Co-educational
  • 3. CIS
  • 3. SIS
  • 5. Shatin
  • 6. Renaissance
  • 7. IS 2
  • 8. Queen’s
  • 9. St. Joseph’s
  • 10. Island School 1
  • 11. DGS Independent
  • 12. Maryknoll Convent
  • 13. St. Stephen’s Girls
  • 14. Island School 2
  • 15. Heep Yunn
  • 16. LPCUWC 2
  • 17. American Intl
  • 18. LPCUWC
  • 19. WIS
  • 20. GSIS 1
  • 21. DBS
  • 22. Wah Yan
  • 23. GSIS 2
  • 24. Ying Wa

Speaker Tab

  • 1. Ben Allen (La Salle College) 73.33
  • 2. Janelle Chang (Maryknoll College) 72.67
  • 2. Jack Lau (Renaissance College) 72.67
  • 4. Austin Lee (Shatin College) 72.25
  • 5. Resa Ng (Chinese International School 1) 72
  • 5. Pavan Hegde (South Island School) 72
  • 5. Michelle Lam (German Swiss International School) 72
  • 5. Tina Wong (Renaissance College) 72
  • 9. Justin Lee (Shatin College) 71.75
  • 10. Janice Leung (Chinese International School 1) 71.67
  • 10. Aspen Wang (Chinese International School 2) 71.67
  • 10. Albert Lam (Queen’s College) 71.67
  • 10. Ryan Tang (St. Paul’s Co-educational College) 71.67
  • 14. Sundeep Kaushal (American International School) 71.5
  • 14. Anson Cheung (Diocesan’s Girls’ School Independent) 71.5
  • 14. Amanda Sin (German Swiss International School) 71.5
  • 14. Michelle Sum (Heep Yunn College) 71.5
  • 14. Madhav Menon (South Island School) 71.5
  • 14. Saharsha Karki (South Island School) 71.5
  • 14. Claudio Ip (Wah Yan College) 71.5
  • 21. Vivienne Gao (Chinese International School 1) 71.33
  • 21. Allegra Bersani (Chinese International School 2) 71.33
  • 21. Brian Wong (Island School 1) 71.33
  • 21. Benson Lam (La Salle College) 71.33
  • 21. Eunice Leung (Maryknoll College) 71.33
  • 21. Charlotte Lam (St. Stephen’s Girls’ School) 71.33
  • 21. Jonathan Chu (Ying Wa College) 71.33

Draw pdf titled: Snr HKSDC Draw and Room Allocation


R1: Impormptu Motion
R2: THBT Korea should be re-unified
GF: THBT the state should ban the media from broadcasting terrorist messages

Team Hong Kong Selections 2011 [WSDC 2011] [WIDPSC 2011]


Congratulations to the following 12 debaters who have made the Hong Kong squad for the World Schools Debating Championships 2011. Ultimately, 5 debaters will be chosen from the squad to represent Hong Kong in Dundee in August 2011.

  • Raphael Leung
  • Ben Allen
  • Tiffany Chung
  • Pavan Hegde
  • Sanborn Li
  • Griffith Cheng
  • Heather Pickerell
  • James Lo
  • Justin Lee
  • Austin Lee
  • Iris Zhang
  • Natalie So

I would like to thank all those who took part in the process. Good luck to those who missed out – you all have a lot to offer debating in Hong Kong. I look forward to seeing you all around the tournaments.

Greg Forse will call the first meeting of the squad before Christmas and spell out expectations. In general, we will train the squad regularly until February and then make the final 5 selection.

Hong Kong Schools Debating Council

https://hksdc.wordpress.com/ – Free speech. For all. Forever.

Worlds Teams Selection Announcement

The following two teams will be selected over the coming months. Below are details as to how these teams will be chosen. They are two distinct teams with very different skill sets, and therefore have two quite different selection processes.

1. WSDC: World Schools Debating Council Championships 2010 – Dundee, Scotland
    Tournament dates: August 16-26, 2011.
    Selection dates: November 22 and 24, 2010

2. WIDPSC: World Individuals Debating and Public Speaking Championship 2011 – Brisbane. Australia
     Tournament dates: April 3 – 9, 2011.
     Selection date: January 22, 2011

WSDC Selection

Number of places: 12 will be selected to form a squad which will be cut to the final team of 5 by the end of January after more intensive training and debates. (this is known as the squad system)

Dates: November 22nd (Monday) and 24th (Wednesday) 4.30 -7.30pm

Venue: To be announced

Trialists: Based on the rankings and performances at the recent HKSDC Senior Tournament, 18 students have earned the right to trial for the Hong Kong team. These students will be contacted shortly to determine their interest and availability. This method of selecting trialists was flagged in emails prior to the tournament and in several other announcements. HKSDC also reserves the right to consider, for inclusion in the trial, worthy candidates who were not available to debate on that day on a case by case basis.

Process: Trialists will complete 4 impromptu debates over two sessions before a panel of at least 6 selectors. Debaters will be mixed and matched until all selectors have seen all the debaters.

Contact: For more information or queries contact Michael Evershed at hongkongsdc@gmail.com

WIDPSC Selection

Number of places: 6 – maximum of 2 from any one school.

Date: January 22 2011

Venue: To be announced

Trialists: Each school can submit only 2 students for selection. Open to any school, but each school must supply an adjudicator. Schools should therefore conduct their own trials before the WIDPSC trial to determine the best two candidates.

Process: This is a stand alone, one day only event and the winner will be awarded a trophy from HKSDC. As in the past, this will be a mini World Individual’s Competition with all four categories being tested. For information about these, go to the WIDPSC resource center on the HKSDC website.
Students will be scored by the adjudicators on all four categories, their scores tallied and the top 6 students on the day will make up the team.

Rules: All the rules for the selection process will be published in due course.

Contact Person: For more information or queries contact the competition organizer, Mary Garland at mgarland@mail.sis.edu.hk


At the time of writing there is no sponsorship to defray the costs of student involvement in these two teams.
Experience tells us that at least $10,000 per person will be needed to cover the costs of travel, registration and coach’s subsidy.


Any student taking part in the trials must have prior parental permission to attend the tournaments.


At this stage register your interest with the contact persons: Mary Garland and Michael Evershed.
Further details will be published.

Bright future for debaters


From Young Post, South China Morning Post on 14th September 2010.

For the past 25 years, Hong Kong teams have performed well at international debating competitions, including the World Schools Debating Championships (WSDC) and the World Individual Debating and Public Speaking Championships (WIDPSC).

In 2007, Chris Sykes of Li Po Chun United World COllege set a national record by ranking sixth at WSDC, while the local team broke several Hong Kong records at this year’s WIDPSC.

Despite Hong Kong’s success, there has been no co-ordinated effort to organize territory-wide debating or public speaking contests in line wtih world school events. This is why Hong Kong could not send a team to the World Championships in Washington DC in 2008.

However, things finally came together in April this year. Michael Evershed of South Island School – manager of the WSDC team – set up the Hong Kong Schools Debating Council (HKSDC) with the support of both coaches and students across the city.
The council plans to organize two senior and two junior debating championships as well as a public speaking competition annually. It will also have the authority ot select both national debating and public speaking teams.
For the first time, HKSDC is organising debates under the world school system which involves two teams of three competing against each other.

The Heart of Europe Debating Tournament, a premier international event, provided the first chance for HKSDC to flex its new-found muscles. The council sent two teams to the Czech Republic after the debaters underwent intensive training supervised by official coaches Greg Forse and Roy Allen. The teams were accompanied by Raphael Leung, a trainee adjudicator from La Salle College.
Both teams performed extremely well – Team 1 made it to the finals, only to be beaten by South Africa, while Team 2 were knocked out in the quarter-finals. This was the best result for a Hong Kong team at an international tournament. On top of that, all eligible speakers ranked in the top 20.

HKSDC has been busy promoting debating in the city. It organised the Junior Debating Championships at Discovery Bay College in May. A total of 22 schools took aprt in the event with South Island School winning the title.

Twenty-eight schools will be participating in the first ever Senior Debating Championships, which will be held on September 25 at South Island School. It is bound to generate tremendous interest since the selections for the national debating team will be partly based on the performance of speakers at the competition.

HKSDC membership is open to students, coaches, teachers and associates from every school. They are welcome to learn more about the council, upcoming international and domestic tournaments, and the selction process for the national teams as well as register as a member at the council’s website, hksdc.wordpress.com.

Under the guidance of the HKSDC, Hong Kong’s debater’s have a bright future.

Heather Pickerell is a student at German Swiss International School