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RESULTS: WIDPSC 2010 – Team Hong Kong


The 2010 World Individuals Debating and Public Speaking Championships have finished. Held in Lithuania this year, it has been a resounding success, especially for Team Hong Kong. Of the 52 spots in the finals (essentially a semi-final), Hong Kong snagged a record 7 spots in total, the best in Hong Kong’s 3 years of attendance.
Prakash Sanker and Paul Lau each grabbed 2 final spots last year totaling 4. That record was broken with this years astounding 7 final spots.

Debating : Heather Pickerell
Impromptu Speaking : Heather Pickerell, Benjamin So, Sachin Srivastava
Persuasive Speaking : Tiffany Chung
Interpretative Reading : Sachin Srivastava, Griffith Cheng

With the conclusion of WIDPSC 2010, the overall results have also come in. Team Hong Kong of Heather Pickerell, Sachin Srivastava, Benjamin So, Tiffany Chung, Griffith Cheng and Geoffrey (Biffo) Liew broke new ground in a highly competitive field.
Although Hong Kong was unlucky not to have any grand finalists, the record for 2010 was still shockingly impressive.

Here are the overall rankings for Team Hong Kong 2010:

  • 6th – Heather Pickerell – 725.58
  • 16th – Sachin Srivastava – Hong Kong – 719.60
  • 20th – Benjamin So – Hong Kong – 718.00
  • 24th – Tiffany Chung – Hong Kong – 715.83
  • 25th – Griffith Cheng – Hong Kong – 715.58
  • 44th – Geoffrey Liew – Hong Kong – 695.93

Congratulations to Team Hong Kong for a wonderful showing. Many of the team will remain in contention next year so the future looks bright for Hong Kong. As the founder of WIDPSC John Robinson said himself “Hong Kong is on the Map!”

Hong Kong

Results for Hong Kong following the 2 rounds of each category

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HK team set to take on the world


From Young Post, South China Morning Post on 5th March 2010

(Clockwise from left) Geoffrey Liew, Sachin Srivastava, Mary Garland, Heather Pickerell, Tiffany Chung, Bnejamin So and Griffith Cheng

Next month, a team of local students will be jetting off to the debating equivalent of football’s World Cup. This year’s World Individual Debating and Public Speaking Championships will be held in Lithuania, with the six members of Hong Kong’s team selected at last month’s Hong Kong Public Speaking Championships. Students from all over the city gathered at South Island School to compete in the championships’ four sections. These were designed to test the students’ grasp of English, and their confidence in using the language in front of the judges and audience.

The six team members chosen, in ranking order, were: Benjamin So (Queen’s College), Heather Pickerell (German Swiss International School), Griffith Cheng (La Salle College), Tiffany Chung (South Island School), Geoffrey Liew (Sha Tin College) and Sachin Srivastava (German Swiss International School). The competition follows the rules of the World Championships, and the first round was persuasive speaking. Competitors had to deliver a speech nine to 13 minutes in length, using only one cue card for reference.

A wide variety of topics were chosen, with Benjamin delivering an impassioned speech on the tragedy of child soldiers. Tiffany tackled another shocking issue, human trafficking, pulling heartstrings with her emotive language and powerful delivery.

In the interpretive reading round, the competitors had to choose a passage of literary merit, and deliver it along with their own introduction. The total time allowed was between seven and 11 minutes.

Among many of the beautiful passages selected, an interesting coincidence occurred when both champion, Benjamin, and runner-up, Heather, chose passages from Charles Dickens. Benjamin’s piece was from A Tale of Two Cities and Heather’s from A Christmas Carol. Geoffrey chose something much more philosophical, reading the famous “Trial of Hank Rearden” from Atlas Shrugged, by Ayn Rand.

After a quick lunch break, most of the speakers were back on familiar territory in the tough debating round. Heather was a member of the Hong Kong Debating Team, which competed in the World Championships in Qatar during the Lunar New Year holiday. Griffith had been part of La Salle College’s victorious team in both the Sing Tao, and the Lions Club & Yodac, Inter-school debating competitions last year. Sachin has previously won the Standard Chartered Public Speaking Competition.

Ben is a student at La Salle College