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Team Hong Kong Selections 2011 [WSDC 2011] [WIDPSC 2011]


Congratulations to the following 12 debaters who have made the Hong Kong squad for the World Schools Debating Championships 2011. Ultimately, 5 debaters will be chosen from the squad to represent Hong Kong in Dundee in August 2011.

  • Raphael Leung
  • Ben Allen
  • Tiffany Chung
  • Pavan Hegde
  • Sanborn Li
  • Griffith Cheng
  • Heather Pickerell
  • James Lo
  • Justin Lee
  • Austin Lee
  • Iris Zhang
  • Natalie So

I would like to thank all those who took part in the process. Good luck to those who missed out – you all have a lot to offer debating in Hong Kong. I look forward to seeing you all around the tournaments.

Greg Forse will call the first meeting of the squad before Christmas and spell out expectations. In general, we will train the squad regularly until February and then make the final 5 selection.

Hong Kong Schools Debating Council

https://hksdc.wordpress.com/ – Free speech. For all. Forever.

Worlds Teams Selection Announcement

The following two teams will be selected over the coming months. Below are details as to how these teams will be chosen. They are two distinct teams with very different skill sets, and therefore have two quite different selection processes.

1. WSDC: World Schools Debating Council Championships 2010 – Dundee, Scotland
    Tournament dates: August 16-26, 2011.
    Selection dates: November 22 and 24, 2010

2. WIDPSC: World Individuals Debating and Public Speaking Championship 2011 – Brisbane. Australia
     Tournament dates: April 3 – 9, 2011.
     Selection date: January 22, 2011

WSDC Selection

Number of places: 12 will be selected to form a squad which will be cut to the final team of 5 by the end of January after more intensive training and debates. (this is known as the squad system)

Dates: November 22nd (Monday) and 24th (Wednesday) 4.30 -7.30pm

Venue: To be announced

Trialists: Based on the rankings and performances at the recent HKSDC Senior Tournament, 18 students have earned the right to trial for the Hong Kong team. These students will be contacted shortly to determine their interest and availability. This method of selecting trialists was flagged in emails prior to the tournament and in several other announcements. HKSDC also reserves the right to consider, for inclusion in the trial, worthy candidates who were not available to debate on that day on a case by case basis.

Process: Trialists will complete 4 impromptu debates over two sessions before a panel of at least 6 selectors. Debaters will be mixed and matched until all selectors have seen all the debaters.

Contact: For more information or queries contact Michael Evershed at hongkongsdc@gmail.com

WIDPSC Selection

Number of places: 6 – maximum of 2 from any one school.

Date: January 22 2011

Venue: To be announced

Trialists: Each school can submit only 2 students for selection. Open to any school, but each school must supply an adjudicator. Schools should therefore conduct their own trials before the WIDPSC trial to determine the best two candidates.

Process: This is a stand alone, one day only event and the winner will be awarded a trophy from HKSDC. As in the past, this will be a mini World Individual’s Competition with all four categories being tested. For information about these, go to the WIDPSC resource center on the HKSDC website.
Students will be scored by the adjudicators on all four categories, their scores tallied and the top 6 students on the day will make up the team.

Rules: All the rules for the selection process will be published in due course.

Contact Person: For more information or queries contact the competition organizer, Mary Garland at mgarland@mail.sis.edu.hk


At the time of writing there is no sponsorship to defray the costs of student involvement in these two teams.
Experience tells us that at least $10,000 per person will be needed to cover the costs of travel, registration and coach’s subsidy.


Any student taking part in the trials must have prior parental permission to attend the tournaments.


At this stage register your interest with the contact persons: Mary Garland and Michael Evershed.
Further details will be published.

EVENTS: Jr HKSDC Autumn 2010


Junior Hong Kong Schools Debating Championships Autumn Series 2010

Date : Saturday 20th November 2010
Venue : German Swiss International School, 11 Guildford Road, The Peak, Hong Kong
Time : 8.30am to 5.00pm
Eligibility : Junior Debaters – Years 7-9 (International Schools) / Forms 1-3 (Local Schools)

Debating Plan

Preliminary Rounds

Each team will have 3 debates consisting of :

  • 2 prepared debates (Motions will be released 2 weeks before tournament)
  • 1 impromptu debate (30 minute preparation time)
Semi-Final and Friendly Debates

Impromptu debates with 30 minutes preparation time.

  • Semi-Final 1 : 1st breaking team vs 4th breaking team
  • Semi-Final 2 : 2nd breaking team vs 3rd breaking team

Remaining teams have friendly debates on the same motion. Teams will be paired according to their rankings in the preliminary rounds so that they will debate against teams of similar abilities (ie. 5 vs 6, 7 vs 8) unless teams have already debated each other earlier.
Teams can mix and match team members, as the friendlies are designed to allow teams to give all team members a chance to debate.

Grand Final

The winners of the semi-finals will compete in the Grand Final, which will be an impromptu debate with 30 minute preparation time. The motion for the Grand Final will be released two weeks before the day of the tournament. The other debaters are expected to watch as members of the audience.

Impromptu Speaking Contest

The top 5 speakers from the preliminary rounds (excluding Semi-Finalist team) will compete in an impromptu speech contest to take place while finalists prepare for the final. 3 minutes preparation, 3 minutes delivery time.

Schedule for the Day

In order to make the day run as smoothly as possible, we will be sending out personalized schedules for each school including assigned room numbers for debates and preparation along with a map of the compound. The general schedule can be seen below.

8.30 Arrival and Registration in Old Gym, Upper Building
9.00 – 10.00 Round 1 – Prepared
10.00 – 11.00 Round 2 – Prepared
11.00 – 11.20 Break and Announcement of Round 3 motion and draw
11.20 – 11.50 Round 3 – Preparation
11.50 – 12.50 Round 3 – Impromptu
12.50 – 1.30 Lunch and Announcement of Semi-Finalists
1.30 – 2.00 Semi-Finals and Friendly Debates – Preparation
2.00 – 3.00 Semi-Finals in UL14 and 15 and Friendly Debates – Impromptu
3.00 – 3.30 Grand Final Preparation and Impromptu Speech Contest
3.30 – 4.30 Grand Final in Old Gym
4.30 – 5.00 Award Presentation and Closing Ceremony
————— Awards : Champion, Runner-up, Best Speaker and Impromptu Speech Winner
————— Announcement of Top 10 Best Speakers (Average of Preliminary and Semi/Friendlies marks)

NOTE: Finalists have 5 debates, other teams have 4 debates.

Event Details

1. Each team should consist of 3-5 team members. Only 3 participate in any debate, but all 5 can help in preparation.
2. The tournament will be in the World Schools Format. Resources, including guides for debaters and adjudicators can be found at our resources page.
3. Each side will give 3 constructive speeches followed by a 4th reply speech by either 1st or 2nd speaker
4. Constructive speeches of 5 minutes (100 marks) are followed by 2 minute 30 second reply speech (50 marks
5. At least 2 Points of Information are expected to be offered by each member of team per speech, and each of the constructive speakers should take 2 between 1:00 and 5:00 minutes. No POIs should be given during the the first and last minutes, which is protected time signaled by the time keeper, or during the reply.
6. As per WSDC, no new material permitted at third or reply
7. NOTE: Visit our videos page for sample videos of World Schools Format debates.
8. All teams MUST be accompanied by a coach/adjudicator. This is a strict policy to ensure that all teams provide an adjudicator. For this tournament teachers must accompany their teams and adjudicate.
9. Each school may only send 1 team. The organizers reserve the right to invite second teams or create swing teams to even up the number of teams.
10. Tournament Cap : 24 teams


German Swiss International School is located at 11 Guildford Road, The Peak, Hong Kong. You can reach the school by taking the MTR to Central Station and boarding the number one green minibus at IFC. The bus will take you to Mansfield Road, which is just up the road from Guildford Road. Volunteers will be waiting to escort you from the bus station. Alternatively, you can take a taxi, which should cost $30 at its most expensive.

Organizing Committee

The Jr HKSDC will be run by a committee of students headed by Heather Pickerell of German Swiss International School, including Benjamin Allen of La Salle College, Tiffany Chung of South Island School and Benjamin So of Hong Kong University with supervision by Mrs. Butchart, Supervisor of the GSIS Debating Society and Mr. Evershed, Chairman of the Hong Kong Schools Debating Council.
Information about the tournament, the Council and the World Schools Format can be found at our resources page and you can contact us at hongkongsdc@gmail.com.


The team cap of 24 teams will be processed on a first-come-first-serve basis with a waiting list for later applicants.

Enter by 30th October 2010

Register for this event by sending an email to: hongkongsdc@gmail.com

This must then be followed up by sending an entry cheque of $300 made out to “South Island School” and posted to Mr. Michael Evershed, “The Hong Kong Schools Debating Council”, South Island School, 50 Nam Fung Road Aberdeen. This fee is to cover lunch, trophies and other costs associated with running the tournament.

Draw and motions will be released on Friday 5th November.
The customary Pre-Championship Workshop will be held on Monday 1st November.
Details about the workshop will be released closer to the date.

Due to demands by almost every school for their scores after the Sr HKSDC and after consideration by the committee, it has been decided that score sheets will be given to teams after the awards ceremony. We hope this will encourage transparency in adjudication and provide teams with more in-depth feedback. For more information, please check point 12 in the rules section below.

Free Pre-Tournament Workshop

Date : Monday 15th November, 4:30

Venue : Diocesan Boys’ School, 131, Argyle Street, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Who : Everyone is invited to attend

The pre-tournament workshop will be conducted by Greg Forse, current coach of the Hong Kong national debate team. For more information about Greg, you should check his page on our website.

Everyone, including debaters and teachers, is invited to attend. There will be more emphasis on adjudication for this workshop than the last. Click here for driving instructions to DBS.


Time Event
8:30 Arrival and Registration at Old Gym, Lower Ground Floor, Upper Building
8:45 Opening address in Old Gym
9:00 – 9:40 Round 1 – Impromptu – Preparation  

Adjudicator’s Briefing in Y12 Common Room

9:40 – 10:40 Round 1 – Impromptu
10:40 – 11:40 Round 2 – Prepared
11:40 – 12:40 Round 3 – Prepared
12:40 – 1:15 Lunch at Sodexho
1:15 Announcement of Semi-Finalists and motion for semis/friendlies in Old Gym
1:20 – 2:00 Semi-Finals and Friendly Debates –Impromptu –Preparation
2:00 – 3:00 Semi-Finals and Friendly Debates –Impromptu
3:00 Announcement of Grand Finalists at Old Gym
3:10 – 3: 50 Grand Finals –Impromptu –Preparation 

Impromptu Speaking Competition in Old Gym

3:50 – 4:50 Grand Final in Old Gym
5:00 – 5:30 Award Presentation and Closing Ceremony 

Awards: Champion, Runner Up, Best Speaker, Best Impromptu Speaker

Announcement of the Top 10 Best Speakers

Handing out of score sheets

Impromptu Speech Competition

The top five debaters excluding those who made the semi-finals will compete in an impromptu speaking competition, modeled on the impromptu section of WIDPSC. Debaters will be given two minutes to pick one of three topics and give an impromptu speech modeled on this topic. Speeches can be between two and four minutes. The competition will take place during the preparation time of the Grand Finals.


1. Age of team: Open age group, but has to be Y7 – Y9/Form 1 – 3

2. Team size: 3 to 5 team members. 3 debate but all 5 can take part in preparation. Team members can swap in and out between debates.

3. World schools style. Full guides to this style can be found at the WSDC resources page on our website.

Each team gives 3 speeches and a reply speech, which is given by either the first or second speaker. Speeches will be 5/5/5/3 minutes and marked 100/100/100/50. Points of information allowed in speeches 1 to 3 between 1.00 and 5.00 minutes. No POIs during protected time or reply speeches.

No points deducted for overtime, but the bell will ring at the appropriate time and debaters are expected to finish immediately and sit down. No new material can be introduced at third or reply – our website should be checked for more details on speaker roles.

Videos of worlds style debates can be found on the WSDC videos page of the HKSDC website.

4. All teams must have an adjudicator. This can be a senior student or a teacher. This is a strict policy to ensure that all teams provide an adjudicator. If any team turns up without their designated adjudicator they will be expelled from the tournament.

5. Senior debaters and teachers who are not affiliated with their junior teams are invited to come to the tournament as adjudicators. It will be a valuable experience to gain some adjudication training and experience and everyone is more than welcome to come.

6. If a team turns up excessively late for a debate, it will forfeit that debate. One team cannot be allowed to delay the event. Ruling here is at the discretion of the head of the organization committee. 5 minutes late will be the guideline for this tournament.

7. In the case of either point 4 or 6, the winning team will be allocated the average score of all other winning teams in that round, for purposes of calculating the table positions.

8. All teams get a minimum of four debates, two impromptu and two prepared. There will be 3 preliminary debates, semi finals with concurrent friendly debates (for those who did not make the break) and the Grand Final.

9. Teams may bring a dictionary with them. It can be used both in the prep room and during the debate.

10. Debaters may only take paper, cards and pens into the preparation rooms. Mobile phones and computers are strictly forbidden in the preparation rooms. The teams may also not receive any help from coaches, senior students or other debaters who are not members of their team. A breach of this rule will result in the disqualification of the guilty party from the tournament.

11. To qualify in the top ten best speakers, you need to have debated at least twice out of the three preliminary rounds. Only scores from the preliminary rounds will be used to calculate the rankings. Only the top ten speaker rankings will be released after the tournament.

12. Adjudicators should hand the score sheets to the chairperson in the room after each debate, not to the teams. This is because the scores are needed to calculate the draw for the semi-finals. Score sheets will only be given out to teams after the awards ceremony to allow junior debaters to receive more in-depth feedback.

13. Teams will be issued with an invoice via email for $300. This must then be followed up by sending a cheque made out to “South Island School” and posted to Michael Evershed, “The Hong Kong Schools Debating Council”, South Island School, 50 Nam Fung Road, Aberdeen. This fee is to cover lunch, trophies and other costs of the tournament.

14. Lunch will be provided for debaters and coaches in the schools’ refectory. Supporters will need to purchase their own lunch.

15. Dress code is formal wear, as befits the occasion. Boys should wear black trousers, white shirt, tie and suit and girls should wear formal skirts and tops or dresses. No school uniforms or anything which could denote association with a particular school should be worn.

16. We encourage everyone to bring their cameras and take as many photos as possible. These will be uploaded to the HKSDC website. You can also bring along video cameras. No approval needed.

17. Preparation rooms and debate rooms have been assigned in advance and will be sent to your schools with the draw on November 8th.

List of Participants

Jr HKSDC Autumn Edition 2010 List of Participants
School Official Adjudicator Trainees Name
Canadian International School Matt Li / Herman Wong
Yuk Leung
Margaret Ho
Samantha Peza
Christie Jok
Chinese International School Resa Ng, Mr. Leshan Kwan / Nico Vallone
Darren Tong
James Tsui
John Yap
Oscar Suen
Diocesan Boys’ School Mr. Leo Zen / N/A
Diocesan Girl’s School Mr. Azeem Ebrahim Fernanda Lai, Iris Zhang Alison Chan
Anson Cheung
Emma Tsoi
Jessica Yung
Tina Wong
Discovery College Ms. Flora Mather / Grace Sercombe
Michael Harries
Mike Lee
Tra My Hickin
Young Soo Kweon
German Swiss International School Ms. Krystyna Butchart Caitlin Fischer Amanda Sin
Chante Brown
Chloe Cheung
Eliot Chen
Sophie Herrman
Heep Yunn Mr. Steven Lee / Helen Lee
Lucita Ng
Michelle Sum
Sarah Ku
Vicky Sum
Hong Kong Academy Ms. Blessie Maunder / Alison Choi
Max Anderson
Sam Maddox
Victoria Saravia
Island School Mr. Ric Faulkner / N/A
King George V Ms. Christine Bruce / Grace Chen
Josephine Lam
Kasper Fan
Michelle Lai
Narumi Nagaya Wong
LaSalle College Ms. Kiran Mohinani, Ms. Margaret Wong / Anselm Au
Boris But
Jonathan Lam
Leon Chui
Ryan Gabriel Chan
Maryknoll Convent School Mr. Aloysius Lee / Alison Chow
Eunice Leung
Janelle Chang
Ruby Leung
Queen’s College Ms. Christine Bennet Jeffrey Wong Brian Lam Wui Tsun
Brian Lui Ching Yin
Edmund Lam Chi Long
Joshua Yeung King Lun
Morrall Alexander Charles
Renaissance College Mr. Ray Young Kevin Chung Amy Wang
Audrey Foo
Caton Yang
Gregory Lloyd
Russell Koh
Sha Tin College Mr. David Hooper Irving Teng, Jason Wong, Justin Lee, Austin Lee Alish Pradhan
Angelina Li
Haley Wong
Leo Ji
Michelle Yu
South Island School Pavan Hegde Alan Gigi, Avirup Banerjee, Madhav Menon, Sharsha Karki Evan Leung
Horace Cheng
Janna Ng
Theodore Chan
Tiffany Shih
St Stephen’s Girls College Leona Keung / Andrea Leung
Cheng Sherry Xueer
Gemma Sung
Lilian Wong
Yeung Vivian
St. Joseph’s College Ms. Ally Yuen, Ms Julia Lai / N/A
St. Paul’s Co-Educational College Jacky Cheung Hok Kan / N/A
Wah Yan College Mr. Chu Ting Chin / Terry Tang
Justin To
Macro Chan
Wah Yan College, Kowloon / / Ephriam Chan
Franco Cheu
Jason Chiu
Lawrence Kwan
Matthew Lau
West Island School Lara Gander / Albert Son
Brandon Mok
Claudia Tam
Daniel Hoare
Jeremy Ng
Lee Marie Raytek
Mika Bridges
Serena Wang
Shun Yat Cheung
Xarius Gander
Ying Wa College Ms. Kay Daswani Jonathan Chu Bon Bong
Derek Wong
James Ng
Louie Tam
Max Chan

Two small alterations have been made to the rules. The dress code has been changed from formal to smart/casual for everyone. Also, speaking times have been reduced to 4/4/4/2 minutes.

Jr HKSDC Autumn Edition 2010 Draw and Room Allocations

Round 1: Impromptu Motion

9:00 – 10:40

Proposition Opposition Prop Prep + Debate Opp Prep
South Island School Chinese International School U220 UL14
Hong Kong Academy Renaissance College U221 UL15
Queen’s College West Island School 1 U222 UL13
Diocesan Boys’ School King George V School U223 UL12
Sha Tin College Wah Yah College, Kowloon U218 UG01
Island School St. Paul’s Co-educational College U217 U104
Maryknoll Convent School Heep Yunn School U205 U103
West Island School 2 St. Joseph’s College U206 Roof – SHARED
Diocesan Girls’ School St. Stephen’s Girls’ College U122 Roof – SHARED
La Salle College Canadian International School U123 UL07 – SHARED
Discovery College Wah Yah College U117 UL07 – SHARED
German Swiss International School Ying Wa College U118 UL07 – SHARED

Round 2: Prepared Motion – THBT the 2009 East Asian Games caused more harm than good

10:40 – 11:40

Proposition Opposition Debate Room
St. Paul’s Co-educational College West Island School 1 UL14
Heep Yunn School Hong Kong Academy UL15
Ying Wa College Diocesan Boys’ School UL13
Wah Yah College Queen’s College UL12
St. Stephen’s Girls’ College South Island School U122
Wah Yan College, Kowloon Renaissance College U123
St. Joseph’s College Chinese International School U118
Canadian International School King George V School U220
Island School German Swiss International School U221
Sha Tin College Discovery College U222
West Island School 2 Diocesan Girls’ School U223
La Salle College Maryknoll Convent School U217


Round 3: Prepared Motion – THBT tourism is bad for the environment

11:40 – 12:40

Proposition Opposition Debate Room
Wah Yan College, Kowloon St. Joseph’s College UL14
Ying Wa College St. Stephen’s Girls’ College UL15
Wah Yah College St. Paul’s Co-educational College UL13
Canadian International School Heep Yunn School UL12
South Island School La Salle College U122
Queen’s College German Swiss International School U123
Diocesan Boys’ School West Island School 2 U118
King George V School Diocesan Girls’ School U220
Renaissance College Discovery College U221
Chinese International School Island School U222
Hong Kong Academy Sha Tin College U223
West Island School 1 Maryknoll Convent School U217

Grand Final Motion: THBT the costs of space exploration outweigh the benefits

Bright future for debaters


From Young Post, South China Morning Post on 14th September 2010.

For the past 25 years, Hong Kong teams have performed well at international debating competitions, including the World Schools Debating Championships (WSDC) and the World Individual Debating and Public Speaking Championships (WIDPSC).

In 2007, Chris Sykes of Li Po Chun United World COllege set a national record by ranking sixth at WSDC, while the local team broke several Hong Kong records at this year’s WIDPSC.

Despite Hong Kong’s success, there has been no co-ordinated effort to organize territory-wide debating or public speaking contests in line wtih world school events. This is why Hong Kong could not send a team to the World Championships in Washington DC in 2008.

However, things finally came together in April this year. Michael Evershed of South Island School – manager of the WSDC team – set up the Hong Kong Schools Debating Council (HKSDC) with the support of both coaches and students across the city.
The council plans to organize two senior and two junior debating championships as well as a public speaking competition annually. It will also have the authority ot select both national debating and public speaking teams.
For the first time, HKSDC is organising debates under the world school system which involves two teams of three competing against each other.

The Heart of Europe Debating Tournament, a premier international event, provided the first chance for HKSDC to flex its new-found muscles. The council sent two teams to the Czech Republic after the debaters underwent intensive training supervised by official coaches Greg Forse and Roy Allen. The teams were accompanied by Raphael Leung, a trainee adjudicator from La Salle College.
Both teams performed extremely well – Team 1 made it to the finals, only to be beaten by South Africa, while Team 2 were knocked out in the quarter-finals. This was the best result for a Hong Kong team at an international tournament. On top of that, all eligible speakers ranked in the top 20.

HKSDC has been busy promoting debating in the city. It organised the Junior Debating Championships at Discovery Bay College in May. A total of 22 schools took aprt in the event with South Island School winning the title.

Twenty-eight schools will be participating in the first ever Senior Debating Championships, which will be held on September 25 at South Island School. It is bound to generate tremendous interest since the selections for the national debating team will be partly based on the performance of speakers at the competition.

HKSDC membership is open to students, coaches, teachers and associates from every school. They are welcome to learn more about the council, upcoming international and domestic tournaments, and the selction process for the national teams as well as register as a member at the council’s website, hksdc.wordpress.com.

Under the guidance of the HKSDC, Hong Kong’s debater’s have a bright future.

Heather Pickerell is a student at German Swiss International School

RESULTS: Heart of Europe Debating Tournament 2010


View Team HK’s photos of HoEDThere.

Hong Kong was invited to participate in the 2010 Heart of Europe Debating Tournament. After much discussion, Hong Kong decided not to send 1, but 2 teams to attend the Heart of Europe Debating Tournament in Olomouc, Czech Republic. The teams have been coached by Mr. Greg Forse and Mr. Roy Allen who took charge of the WSDC 2010 and WIDPSC 2010 teams respectively.

Hong Kong 1 Hong Kong 2
(C) Benjamin Allen (LSC)
Benjamin So (QC)
Heather Pickerell (GSIS)
James Lo (DBS)
Justin Lo (LSC
(C) Pavan Hegde (SIS)
Griffith Cheng (LSC)
Tiffany Chung (SIS)

Raphael Leung, of LaSalle College, also accompanied Team Hong Kong as an adjudicator at the tournament.

Both Hong Kong teams achieved great success at the tournament, and set several national records. Hong Kong 2 won 7 out of 8 preliminary rounds with 21 judges, and Hong Kong 1 won all 8 preliminary rounds with 23 judges, only dropping one judge. Hong Kong 2 was knocked out by Canada Bi-Coastal in the quarter finals, and Hong Kong 1 defeated Czech Republic 1 and Canada Bi-Coastal in the quarter finals and semi finals respectively, only to be defeated by Team South Africa in the Finals.

This marks the first time Team Hong Kong has made it past the quarter finals of an international debating tournament, as well as the first time a team has won a trophy. Hong Kong also performed extremely well individually, with all members who met the criteria of the individual ranking system ranking within the top 20. Here is the summary of the results:

Hong Kong 1

  • Ranked 1st in the preliminary rounds with 8 wins and 23 judges
  • Ranked 2nd place after being defeated by Team South Africa in the finals

Hong Kong 2

  • Ranked 4th in the preliminary rounds with 7 wins and 21 judges

NEW: Individual Rankings (only speakers who debated five rounds in the preliminaries are eligible)

  • Heather Pickerell (HK 1) – 2nd – 74,22619048
  • Benjamin So (HK 1) – 3rd – 73,83333333
  • Tiffany Chung (HK 2) – 7th – 73,58333333
  • Benjamin Allen (HK 1) – 11th – 73,43055556
  • Pavan Hegde (HK 2) – 15th – 73,30952381
  • Griffith Cheng (HK 2) – 18th – 73,0952381

NEW: More Results from the HoEDT website


R1: THBT all Drugs should be legalized
R3: THBT Turkey should be admitted into the European Union
R5: THBT Downloading Music and Films from the Internet should be prohibited
R8: THBT all foreign Forces should be withdrawn from Afghanistan
GF: THBT Israel should be obliged (if necessary by force) to withdraw from all Lands acquired since 1966

Team HK Results

Round 1 – THBT all Drugs should be legalized
Hong Kong 1 vs UNITED STATES (Winner Hong Kong 1, 3-0)
Hong Kong 2 vs BULGARIA (Winner Hong Kong 2, 3-0)

Round 2 – Impromptu
Hong Kong 1 vs. TURKEY – Robert College A (Winner Hong Kong 1, 3-0)
Hong Kong 2 vs. TURKEY – Robert College B (Winner Hong Kong 2, 3-0)

Round 3 – THBT Turkey should be admitted into the European Union.
Hong Kong 1 vs. SLOVENIA – Slovenia D (Winner Hong Kong 1, 2-1)
Hong Kong 2 vs. SOUTH AFRICA (Winner Hong Kong 2, 2-1)

Round 4 – Impromptu
Hong Kong 1 vs. SLOVENIA – Slovenia C (Winner Hong Kong 1, 3-0)
Hong Kong 2 vs. SLOVENIA – Slovenia B (Winner Hong Kong 2, 3-0)

Round 5 – THBT Downloading Music and Films from the Internet should be prohibited
Hong Kong 1 vs. SERBIA – Serbia Math HighSchool (Winner Hong Kong 1, 3-0)
Hong Kong 2 vs. SLOVENIA – Slovenia A (Winner Slovenia A, 1-2)

Round 6 – Impromptu
Hong Kong 1 vs. ISRAEL (Winner Hong Kong 1, 3-0)
Hong Kong 2 vs. ROMANIA – Romania 2 (Winner Hong Kong 2, 3-0)

Round 7 – Impromptu
Hong Kong 1 vs. BULGARIA (Winner Hong Kong 1, 3-0)
Hong Kong 2 vs. ISRAEL (Winner Hong Kong 2, 3-0)

Round 8 – THBT all foreign Forces should be withdrawn from Afghanistan
Hong Kong 1 vs. SLOVENIA – Slovenia A (Winner Hong Kong 1, 3-0)
Hong Kong 2 vs. SLOVENIA – Slovenia C (Winner Hong Kong 2, 3-0)

Quarter-Finals – Impromptu
Hong Kong 1 vs. CZECH REPUBLIC – Czech 1 (Winner Hong Kong 1, 3-2)
Hong Kong 2 vs. CANADA- Canada Bi-Coastal (Winner Canada, 2-3)

Semi-Finals – Impromptu
Hong Kong 1 vs. CANADA – Canada Bi-Coastal (Winner Hong Kong 1, 4-3)

Finals – THBT Israel should be obliged (if necessary by force) to withdraw from all Lands acquired since 1966
Hong Kong 1 vs. South Africa (Winner South Africa, 3-6)

After many hours of painstaking work, debater Heather Pickerell has managed to put the videos online for others to watch. Whether you want to see the world schools format or Team Hong Kong’s performance, the debate is a beauty to watch. The videos have been embedded below.

Alternatively, you can watch the debate in separate parts on Youtube. It has also been embedded below.




After 44 debates at Discovery College on Friday May 28th two teams emerged as worthy combatants for the prize of tournament Champion. South island School Team 2 engaged in battle from proposition with Hong Kong Academy Team 2 on the motion “This House believes that blocking and filtering of  internet websites by governments does more good than harm”.

In a lively debate, SIS2 managed to pull ahead on the point that when governments apply such moves, they do so to protect “the greater good”. HKA2 had a more sophisticated counter point that non-censorship of such sites could actually inform the public of what is out there in public forums and thus create open challenges to such sites.

In the end, SIS2 developed further points and won because some of these were left standing, and they showed more clinical, strategic approach to the debate. International adjudicator, Mehvesh Ahmed commented on the high quality of  the debating in both the semi- finals and grand final.

Congratulations to both teams of finalists:

  • SIS2: Avirup Banerjee, Saharsha Karki, Evan Leung and Janna Ng
  • HKA2: Camila Saravia, Victoria Saravia, Alison Choi and Elisa Ip

Of the 22 competing teams, all top 11 won at least 2 out of 3 preliminary debates:

  1. South Island School 2 (CHAMPION TROPHY AWARD)
  2. Hong Kong Academy 2 (RUNNER-UP TROPHY AWARD)
  3. South Island School 1
  4. Hong Kong Academy 1
  5. West Island School 1
  6. Diocesan Boys’ School
  7. Queen’s College 2
  8. Chinese International School
  9. King George V School 2
  10. Renaissance College 1
  11. Queen Elizabeth School 2

Total after three preliminary debates. (Participation in a minimum of 2 debates required)

  1. Lucien Wang – King George V School 2 (BEST SPEAKER AWARD)
  2. Avirup Banerjee – South Island School 2
  3. Camila Saravia – Hong Kong Academy 2
  4. Newton Cheng – Hong Kong Academy 1
  5. Saharsha Karki – South Island School 2
  6. Madhav Menon – South Island School 1
  7. Aaron Francis – Hong Kong Academy 1
  8. Lara Gander – West Island School 1
  9. Nathan Chan – Diocesan Boys’ School
  10. Steve Lo – Diocesan Boys’ School

Participation open to 5 best speakers outside of semi-final teams.

  1. Steve Lo – Diocesan Boys’ School (BEST IMPROMPTU SPEECH AWARD)
  2. Lucien Wang – King George V School
  3. Nathan Chan –Diocesan Boys’ School
  4. Lara Gander – West Island School1
  5. Katherine Pemberton – Chinese International School
  1. This House would put a fat tax on fast food. (Prepared)
  2. This House believes that CCTV is a threat to privacy. (Prepared)
  3. This House believes that dating at secondary school does more good than harm. (Impromptu)
  4. This House believes that celebrities have a positive effect on society. (Impromptu – SF & Friendly)
  5. This House believes that the blocking and filtering of internet sites by governments brings more good than harm. (Impromptu – GF)

Congratulations to all debaters for making the day engaging, lively and memorable. Stay tuned for details of next years’ two major Junior events events.
Many thanks to Discovery College for hosting the smooth running event .
Thanks also go to the ESF for financially and ideologically backing the development of  the HKSDC and the Discovery College tournament.

Well done! See you on the debating floor.
Michael Evershed  and Flora Mather (Tournament Organisers)

Date : Friday 28th May 2010
Venue : Discovery College, 38 Siena Drive, Discovery Bay, Hong Kong
Time : 8.30am to 5.00pm (Please allow an additional hour from central ferry departure time)
Eligibility : Junior Debaters – Years 7-9 (International Schools) / Forms 1-3 (Local Schools)

Draw and Motion will be released on 14th May
Pre-Championship Workshop to be held on Monday, 17th May at South Island School
$200 Reg
tournament cap 24
6 minute constructive speeches (100 marks) followed by 3 minute reply speech (50 marks)
Impromptu Speaking Contest – Auditorium

The top 6 speakers from the teams NOT in the semi-finals to contest an impromptu speech contest to take place while finalists prepare for the final. 3 minutes preparation, 3 minutes delivery.