Visit the WIDPSC 2011 page for more information about this year’s championships.


Time: 8:30, January 22 2011
Venue: St Paul’s Co-educational College, Kennedy Rd Mid-Levels.

24 participants from 11 schools took part in this year’s HKPSC. The top 8 were be selected to form the 2011 Hong Kong WIDPSC team, with a cap on two per school. They are (in order):

  • Ben Allen (La Salle College)
  • Heather Pickerell (German Swiss International School)
  • James Lo (Diocesan Boys’ School)
  • Griffith Cheng (Li Po Chun United World College)
  • Madhav Mennon (South Island School)
  • Raphael Leung (La Salle College)
  • Alan Gigi (South Island School)
  • Jennifer Chan (Marymount Secondary School)

The HK WIDPSC 2011 Team



The top eight from each category have been released.

Persuasive Speaking

  • Ben Allen and James Lo
  • Heather Pickerell
  • John Chan
  • Madhav Mennon
  • Griffith Cheng
  • Alan Gigi
  • Eugene Kwan

Interpretive Reading

  • Heather Pickerell
  • Ben Allen
  • James Lo
  • Raphael Leung
  • Jennifer Chan
  • Griffith Cheng and Madhav Mennon
  • Alan Gigi


  • Ben Allen
  • James Lo
  • Heather Pickerell
  • Raphael Leung and Griffith Cheng
  • Madhav Mennon
  • Jason Wong
  • Daniel Kaminsky

Impromptu Speaking

  • Ben Allen
  • Ambrose Yim
  • Madhav Mennon
  • Heather Pickerell and Griffith Cheng
  • Alex Wang
  • James Lo
  • Jennifer Chan and Alan Gigi

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