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Date: Saturday 20th November 2010
Venue: German Swiss International School, 11 Guildford Road, The Peak, Hong Kong
Time: 8.30am to 5.00pm
Eligibility: Junior Debaters – Years 7-9 (International Schools) / Forms 1-3 (Local Schools)

The second Junior Hong Kong Schools Debating Championships was held on the 20th November 2010 at German Swiss International School. The tournament was run by a student committee consisting of Heather Pickerell of GSIS, Benjamin Allen of LSC, Benjamin So of HKU, James Lo of DBS and Tiffany Chung of SIS with supervision by Mrs. Krystyna Butchart, Teacher Supervisor of the GSIS Debating Society, and Mr. Michael Evershed, Chairman of the Hong Kong School Debating Council. 24 teams from 23 different schools participated in the tournament.

The following schools competed in the semi-finals, debating the motion THBT parents should be punished for the crimes of their children. Meanwhile, the schools which did not break engaged in friendly debates.

Proposition Opposition Winner
St. Paul’s Co-educational College St. Joseph’s College St. Paul’s Co-educational College
Heep Yunn School Hong Kong Academy Heep Yunn School

St. Paul’s Co-educational College then defeated Heep Yunn School in the finals on the motion THBT the costs of space exploration outweigh the benefits and thus became the champions of the Jr HKSDC Autumn 2010.

Team Rankings for the Preliminary Rounds

Rank Team Wins Score
1 St. Paul’s Co-educational College 3 763
2 Hong Kong Academy 3 754
3 St. Joseph’s College 3 731
4 Heep Yunn School 2 758
5 South Island School 2 742
6 King George V School 2 740.5
7 West Island School 1 2 734.5
8 Chinese International School 2 731
=9 German Swiss International School 2 729
=9 Ying Wa College 2 729
=11 Diocesan Girls’ School 2 726
=11 Sha Tin College 2 726
13 Diocesan Boys’ School 2 725
14 Discovery College 2 706
15 Maryknoll Convent School 1 760.5
16 Queen’s College 1 740.5
17 La Salle College 1 735.5
18 St. Stephen’s Girls’ College 1 724
19 Renaissance College 1 711.5
20 Wah Yan College, Kowloon 0 724
21 Canadian International School 0 716
22 Island School 0 710
23 West Island School 2 0 677
24 Wah Yan College, Hong Kong 0 662.5

Top 10 Speaker Rankings

Rank Name Team Average Score
1 Michelle Sum Heep Yunn School 76.000
2 Lucita Ng Heep Yunn School 75.000
3 Zachariah Lee St. Paul’s Co-educational College 74.667
=4 Alison Choi Hong Kong Academy 74.000
=4 Sarah Ku Heep Yunn School 74.000
=6 Kasper Fan King George V School 73.500
=6 Joshua Yeung Queen’s College 73.500
=8 Eunice Leung Maryknoll Convent School 73.333
=8 Tiffany Shih South Island School 73.333
=10 Ryan Tang St. Paul’s Co-educational College 73.000
=10 Cristian Tsang Diocesan Boys’ School 73.000

Impromptu Speaking Competition

Champion: Eunice Leung (MCS)

Runners Up

  • Kasper Fan (KGV)
  • Joshua Yeung (QC)
  • Tiffany Shih (SIS)
  • Cristian Tsang (DBS)
  • Alison Choi (HKA)

List of Participants

School Official Adjudicator Trainees Name
Canadian International School Matt Li / Herman Wong
Yuk Leung
Margaret Ho
Samantha Peza
Christie Jok
Chinese International School Resa Ng, Mr. Leshan Kwan / Nico Vallone
Darren Tong
James Tsui
John Yap
Claire Zau
Diocesan Boys’ School Mr. Leo Zen / Steve Lo
Nathan Chan
Calvin Law
Martin Choi
Terence Leung
Diocesan Girl’s School Mr. Azeem Ebrahim Fernanda Lai, Iris Zhang Alison Chan
Anson Cheung
Emma Tsoi
Jessica Yung
Tina Wong
Discovery College Ms. Flora Mather / Grace Sercombe
Michael Harries
Mike Lee
Tra My Hickin
Young Soo Kweon
German Swiss International School Ms. Krystyna Butchart Caitlin Fischer Amanda Sin
Chante Brown
Chloe Cheung
Eliot Chen
Sophie Herrman
Heep Yunn Mr. Steven Lee / Helen Lee
Lucita Ng
Michelle Sum
Sarah Ku
Vicky Sum
Hong Kong Academy Ms. Blessie Maunder / Alison Choi
Max Anderson
Sam Maddox
Victoria Saravia
Island School Mr. Ric Faulkner / Brian Wong
Janice Leung
Vinson Yew
Yu Yan Huang
Odetta Li
King George V Ms. Christine Bruce / Grace Chen
Josephine Lam
Kasper Fan
Michelle Lai
Narumi Nagaya Wong
LaSalle College Ms. Kiran Mohinani, Ms. Margaret Wong / Anselm Au
Boris But
Jonathan Lam
Leon Chui
Ryan Gabriel Chan
Maryknoll Convent School Mr. Aloysius Lee / Alison Chow
Eunice Leung
Janelle Chang
Ruby Leung
Kristy Yim
Queen’s College Ms. Christine Bennet Jeffrey Wong Lam Wui Tsun
Lui Ching Yin Brian
Lam Chi Long Edmund
Yeung King Lun Joshua
Alexander Charles Morrall
Renaissance College Mr. Ray Young Kevin Chung Amy Wang
Audrey Foo
Caton Yang
Gregory Lloyd
Russell Koh
Sha Tin College Mr. David Hooper Irving Teng, Jason Wong, Justin Lee, Austin Lee Alish Pradhan
Angelina Li
Haley Wong
Leo Ji
Michelle Yu
South Island School Pavan Hegde Alan Gigi, Avirup Banerjee, Madhav Menon, Sharsha Karki Evan Leung
Horace Cheng
Janna Ng
Theodore Chan
Tiffany Shih
St Stephen’s Girls College Leona Keung / Andrea Leung
Cheng Sherry Xueer
Gemma Sung
Lilian Wong
Yeung Vivian
St. Joseph’s College Mr. Akasha Barickman / Akshay Gaur
Christopher Gin
Michael Chen
Baron Kwan
Basil Kwan
St. Paul’s Co-Educational College Jacky Cheung Hok Kan / Ryan Tang
Zachariah Lee
Jonathen Lee
Fergus Tam
Wah Yan College Mr. Chu Ting Chin / Terry Tang
Justin To
Macro Chan
Wah Yan College, Kowloon / / Ephriam Chan
Franco Cheu
Jason Chiu
Lawrence Kwan
Matthew Lau
West Island School Lara Gander / Albert Son
Brandon Mok
Claudia Tam
Daniel Hoare
Jeremy Ng
Lee Marie Raytek
Mika Bridges
Serena Wang
Shun Yat Cheung
Xarius Gander
Ying Wa College Ms. Kay Daswani Jonathan Chu Bon Bong
Derek Wong
James Ng
Louie Tam
Max Chan

You can download the following below:

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