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The first ever official Junior Hong Kong Schools Debating Championship was held on the 28th May 2010 at Discovery College. Held between 8:30 and 5:00 for Junior students at Discovery College, 38 Siena Drive, Discovery Bay, it was the first HKSDC organized event.

A record 22 teams took part including both international school and local schools, fully displaying the wealth of debating talent in Hong Kong. The tournament was preceded by a training session for both adjudicators and debaters held at SIS. Following a tough 4 rounds and 44 debates, SIS 2 (Avirup Banerjee, Saharsha Karki, Evan Leung and Janna Ng) and HKA 2 (Camila Saravia, Victoria Saravia, Alison Choi and Elisa Ip) made it into the final on the motion that “This House believes that blocking and filtering of internet websites by governments does more good than harm”. In the end, an adjudication panel chaired by Mehvesh Ahmed (who adjudicated the Grand Final of the 2010 WSDC) granted SIS 2 the win.

Top Teams

Of the 22 competing teams, all top 11 won at least 2 out of 3 preliminary debates:

  1. South Island School 2 (Champion)
  2. Hong Kong Academy 2 (Runners-Up)
  3. South Island School 1
  4. Hong Kong Academy 1
  5. West Island School 1
  6. Diocesan Boys’ School
  7. Queen’s College 2
  8. Chinese International School
  9. King George V School 2
  10. Renaissance College 1
  11. Queen Elizabeth School 2

Top Speakers

  1. Lucien Wang – King George V School 2 (Best Speaker)
  2. Avirup Banerjee – South Island School 2
  3. Camila Saravia – Hong Kong Academy 2
  4. Newton Cheng – Hong Kong Academy 1
  5. Saharsha Karki – South Island School 2
  6. Madhav Menon – South Island School 1
  7. Aaron Francis – Hong Kong Academy 1
  8. Lara Gander – West Island School 1
  9. Nathan Chan – Diocesan Boys’ School
  10. Steve Lo – Diocesan Boys’ School

Impromptu Speech

  1. Steve Lo – Diocesan Boys’ School (Champion)
  2. Lucien Wang – King George V School
  3. Nathan Chan –Diocesan Boys’ School
  4. Lara Gander – West Island School1
  5. Katherine Pemberton – Chinese International School


  1. This House would put a fat tax on fast food. (Prepared)
  2. This House believes that CCTV is a threat to privacy. (Prepared)
  3. This House believes that dating at secondary school does more good than harm. (Impromptu)
  4. This House believes that celebrities have a positive effect on society. (Impromptu – SF & Friendly)
  5. This House believes that the blocking and filtering of internet sites by governments brings more good than harm. (Impromptu – GF)


  • Chinese International School: Katherine Pemberton, Kate Brashear, Isabelle Gotuoco
  • Diocesan Boys’ School: Nathan Chan, James Kung, Calvin Law, Steve Lo, Perry Mok
  • Discovery College 1: Carrie Chow, Linda Shin, Eleanor Rice, Claire Holubowskyj and Ross Huggett
  • Discovery College 2: Alex Dupey, Miranda Skinner, Daisy Biggins, Daniel McGrath and Jeremy Jurecka
  • GSIS: Alexia Kirk, Michelle Ng, Caitlin Fischer and Beatrice Wilkinson
  • Hong Kong Academy International 1: Jake Riordan, Murray Goebel, Newton Cheng, Dylan Sparks, Aaron Francis
  • Hong Kong Academy International 2: Camila Saravia, Victoria Saravia, Alison Choi, Sam Maddox, Elisa Ip
  • Island School 1: Brian Wong, Daniel Lancaster, Louise Hanneford
  • Island School 2: Odetta Li, Makeda Nuruddin, Vinson Yew
  • King George V 1: Albert Zhang, Lucien Wang, Cynthia Ha, Grace Chen
  • King George V 2: Avkit Bumb, Cyril Ma, Hay Go, William Ling
  • Queen Elizabeth College 1: Choi Ho Wing Olivia, Ho Perri, Koon Sing Keith, Liu Tsz Yin Michael, Li Lok Sze Rachel
  • Queen Elizabeth College 2: Chan Wing Sum Jennifer, Lo Ivan Hok Yin, Chu Ho Man Owen, Lai Pui Chung Jacky, Tam Siu Hang Henry
  • Queen’s College 1: Cheung Winston Yanting, Lam Shing Hon, Li Wai Lok Bernard
  • Queen’s College 2: Yeung King Lun, Lam Yu Ting, Wui Tsun Brian
  • Renaissance College 1: Rebekah Brasher, Kevin Chung, Jack Lau, Joanne Lo, Grace Tsang
  • Renaissance College 2: Shannon Koh, Rachael Man, Rachael Price, Krunal Tejwani, Vincent Zhao
  • South Island School 1: Madhav Menon, Tiffany Shih, Alan Gigi, Pavan Hegde, Alex Heine
  • South Island School 2: Avirup Banerjee, Saharsha Karki, Janna Ng, Evan Leung, Theodore Chan
  • West Island School 1: Seren Jenkins, Kyrstie Brown, Steven Van Den Berg, Lara Gander, Raina Srivastava
  • West Island School 2: Regine Cheung, Guy Aglionby, Eunice Ma, Corne Brink, Lusanda Tang
  • Wah Yan College Kowloon: Edwin Chan, Ephriam Chan, Yorke Ho, Jason Chiu, Franco Cheu
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