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The first ever Senior Hong Kong Schools Debating Championship was held on the 25th September 2010 at South Island School. 28 teams participated, with each team consisting of 3-5 team members. The tournament was preceded by a training session for both adjudicators and debaters held at SIS conducted by Greg Forse.


  • R1 (Prep): THBT the functional constituencies should be abolished from Hong Kong’s Legco
  • R2 (Prep): THW deny multinational companies access to the natural resources of developing countries
  • R3 (Improp): THB in work for welfare
  • SF (Improp): THW burn flags of countries but not religious books
  • GF (Prep): THBT the benefits of WikiLeaks outweigh the harms


After three rounds, the four highest ranking teams by wins and speaker points competed in the semi-finals:

Proposition Opposition Result
La Salle College South Island School La Salle College, 5-0
Diocesan Girls School King George the Fifth School King George the Fifth School, 5-0

LSC and KGV faced down in the finals, with  KGV proposing and  LSC opposing. Ultimately, LaSalle took the championship trophy away after a 7-0 win.

Champion : La Salle College

Runner-Up : King George the Fifth School

Best Speaker : Heather Pickerell, German Swiss International School

Individual Rankings

Note: Only top section rankings are released – It is HKSDC policy not to publish the rankings of teams and individuals who may have had a tough tournament. It’s a learning curve and they will come back better and stronger. Overall, the quality of debating was very high – so we can all feel proud of the effort put in by everybody.
Scores are based on the average scores of the first 3 rounds, minimum of two debates. 24 results are announced because there was a natural break in the scores. A total of 140 debaters took part, so the Top 24 speakers represent the top 20% of all debaters. There is a good spread of schools involved. Congratulations to all debaters for making the day successful. A special pat on the back goes to Heather, the tournament’s top debater.

Rank Name School Score
1 Heather Pickerell German Swiss International School 77.33
2 Tang Ho Fung Diocesan Girls School 77
3 Pavan Hegde South Island School 75.75
4 = Ben Allen La Salle College 75
4 = Alex Su King George the Fifth School 75
6 Sanborn Li King George the Fifth School 74.67
7 Jacky Cheng St Paul’s Co-ed 74
8 Jeffrey Wong Queen’s College 73.75
9 James Lo Diocesan Boys School 73.67
10 = Natalie So Diocesan Girls School 73.5
10 = Kristy Wong Heng Sang School of Commerce 73.5
10 = Angela Wu King George the Fifth School 73.5
10 = Raphael Leung La Salle College 73.5
14 = Nicole Yuen Diocesan Girls School 73.25
14 = Kelly Lui St Paul’s Co-ed 73.25
16 Tiffany Chung South Island School 73.17
17 = Lorraine Leung Chinese International School 73
17 = Denis Kwong Queen’s College 73
17 = Jack Lau Renaissance College 73
17 = Jason Chiu Wah Yan Kowloon 73
21 Madhav Menon South Island School 72.75
22 Howard Yeung La Salle College 72.67
23 Tom Chan St. Paul’s College 72.33
24 Colin Diersing Li Po Chun United World College 72.25

Team Rankings

Only the top half of teams are ranked, based on the first 3 debates, and for the top four the semis and final. All teams ranked won 2 or 3 debates in the initial rounds.

Rank Team Result
1 La Salle College Champion
2 King George the Fifth School Runner-Up
3 = South Island School Semi-Finalist
3 = Diocesan Girls’ School Semi-Finalist
5 Li Po Chun United World College 3 wins /721 pts
6 German Swiss International 2/749.5
7 Diocesan Boys’ School 2/745.5
8 Heep Yunn School 2/736
9 Chinese International School 2/735
10 West Island School 2/733.5
11 St. Paul’s Co-ed 2 2/733
12 Shatin College 2/732
13 Wah Yan Kowloon 2/724
14 Queen’s College 2/720
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Pre-tournament matters
This must then be followed up by sending an entry cheque of $300 made out to “South Island School” and posted to Michael Evershed, “The Hong Kong Schools Debating Council”, South Island School, 50 Nam Fung Road Aberdeen. This fee is to cover lunch, trophies etc.
Please send cheques marked:”South Island School” to the value of $300 AFTER you receive an invoice. Send to ‘South island School, 50 Nam Fung Road, Shouson Hill, Hong Kong’. Invoices will be issued by email once a school confirms their entry and coach’s name. The money will be spent on providing a school refectory lunch for all debaters on the day. It is a non-profit fee, if you take my meaning.

Mandatory adjudicator

Formal wear, not school uniforms. For those who have attended the HKMUN, that is the dress style for this event. Put your school uniforms away and get dressed up in a business style / adult world manner. White shirts and ties, business suits, jackets and so on are the order of the day here. We want everyone to feel a sense of unity here through dress as we debate some of the great issues of the day.


As with all HKSDC events we will be running a free pre-tournament workshop in which all coaches and debaters new to the Worlds’ Style can be tuned into the nuances of this wonderfully interactive contest. For this event we will have a fully live demonstration debate run by Hong Kong coach Greg Forse. All questions will be answered. The workshop will be held at South Island School Monday September 13th 4-6pm. Experienced teams can also attend.

Thanks to those who have expressed an interest in the HKSDC pre-tournament workshop. The format of the workshop will be different to last time with the feature this time being a “show debate” with discussion of the world’s style.

The starting time has been moved back to 4.30 pm to accommodate schools who finish closer to 4pm, to allow them time to get to South Island School. SIS is a little remote in terms of transport so the best transport is to share a taxi. All the address details and location maps can be found at our website:

The debates will be 6 minutes for the three speakers and 3 for the closing, NOT 8 and 4 as is done n the major tournaments. The day would go on and on if we did the 8/4 format.

I have decided to scrap the impromptu public speaking event for the senior tournament. I will have enough on my plate to take care of on the day. This time, as we wait for the finalists to prepare, might be useful for people to air their views on where HKSDC should go from here.


1 South Island School Michael Evershed Tiffany Chung, Pavan Hegde, Katriana Milne, Madhav Menon, Saharsha Karki
2 German Swiss International School Krystyna Butchart Heather Pickerell, Sachin Srivastava, Andrew Kwok
3 Chinese International School Mr LeShan Kwan Resa Ng, Emily Tsui, Justin Chan, Lorraine Leung, Joel Chi
4 Queen’s College Benjamin So Jeffrey Wong, Albert Lam, Denis Kwong, Jethro Wong
5 St. Joseph’s College Akasha Barickman, Julia Lai Brian Or, Benedict Tang, Timothy Tai, Matthew Murchie, Julian Got
6 Island School Daniel Trump Deep Vaze, Kim Chan, Charles Appleton
7 West Island School Jo Piavanini Lara Gander, Olivia Scotting, Vincent Wang, Regine Cheung, Andrew Mc Bain
8 Canadian International School Shannon Kerry Xanthia Hargreaves, Spencer Puntnam, Royce Wei, Avinaash Venkatasubramanian, Kitty Wing
9 Ying Wa College Greg Forse Billy Wong, Jonathan Chu, Martin Ho
10 King George V School Duncan McIntyre Sanborn Li, Angela Wu, Raj Amarnani, Amrit Daswani, Alex Su
11 Hong Kong Academy Lauren O’Brien Dylan Sparks, Aaron Francis, Hanne Carlsson, Suhail Bindra, Cynthia Saravia
12 Ying Wa Girls’ School Christine Xavier Ivy Yeung, Joyce Hung, Zoe Lai
13 Li Po Chun David David McCracken Griffith Cheng, Colin Diersing, Tripti Giri, Thomas Yim
14 Renaissance College Ray Young Jack Lau (C), Rebekah Brasher, Kevin Chung, Tracy Kan, Shannon Koh
15 Discovery College Flora Mather Linda Shin, Miranda Skinner, Alisia Zhang, Talise Tsai, Claire Holubowskyj
16 La Salle College Brad Schofield Ben Allen, Raphael Leung, Howard Young, Benson Lam, Justin Lo
17 Wah Yan Kowloon / Ignatius Tan, Barton Wong, Jason Chiu, Ephraim Chan, Ryan Lo
18 St. Stephens Girls’ School Julien Hawthorne Chan Wai Yan Viann, Leona Keung, Cinzia Lau, Luis Ho, Lilian Wong, Selina Cheng
19 Diocesan Boys’ School Leo Zen Clark James Lo, William Leung, Alston Chiu
20 Heep Yunn School Steven Lee Heidi Woo (C), Hayley Kwan, Francine Fu, Chloe Kwan, Serena Wong
21 Diocesan Girls’ School Azeem Ebrahim Nicole Yuen, Tang Ho Fung, Fernanda Lai, Iris Zhang, Natalie So
22 Shatin College Annette Chau Justin Lee, Irving Teng, Austin Lee, Jason Wong
23 Raimondi College Ms B Ko Jeff Lam, Eamon Nung, Bryan Shu, Wong Wai Yi, Hung Yu Ching
24 St Paul’s CoEd 1 Mary Bodomo Jacky Cheng, Kelly Lui, Ashley Leung, Nicole Go, Stefanie Chan
25 Stewards PKC Tom Derbyshire Jessica Tam, Anna Ho, Hugo Lai, Heywood Siu, Benedict Kung
26 St Paul’s College Mr Wong, Mr Ng Tom Chan, Kingsway Tsai, John Choi, Thomas Hui, Toby Pang
27 Hang Seng School of Commerce Ms. Cheng Mung Lai Clara, Ms. Fiona Chong Clarence Shen, Kristy Wong, Vincent Chung, Arthur Chung
28 St Paul’s CoEd 2 Mary Bodomo Simon Shiu, Arthur Poon, Nicole Lee, John Chan

Round 1 (Prepared debate)

9.00 – 10.00 am

THBT the functional constituencies should be abolished from Hong Kong’s Legco

Round 2 (Prepared debate)

10.00 – 11.00 am

THW deny multinational companies access to the natural resources of developing countries

Ying Wa Girls’ School St. Joseph’s College Heep Yunn School Ying Wa Girls’ School
Island School La Salle College St. Joseph’s College Island School
Diocesan Boys’ School Heep Yunn School St. Paul’s College Diocesan Boys’ School
Queen’s College St. Paul’s College La Salle College Queen’s College
Discovery College Shatin College West Island School Discovery College
Stewards Pooi Kei College West Island School Shatin College Stewards Pooi Kei College
South Island School Renaissance College St. Paul’s Co-ed 1 South Island School
Diocesan Girls’ School St. Paul’s Co-ed 1 Chinese International School Diocesan Girls’ School
Raimondi College Hong Kong Academy KGV Raimondi College
Wah Yan Kowloon KGV Hong Kong Academy Wah Yan Kowloon
LPC United World College Ying Wa College Canadian International School LPC United World College
German Swiss International School Canadian International School Heng Sang School of Commerce German Swiss International School
St Stephens Girls’ College Chinese International School Ying Wa College St Stephens Girls’ College
St Paul’s Co-ed 2 Heng Sang School of Commerce Renaissance College St Paul’s Co-ed 2

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