Date : 16th – 26th August 2011
Venue : Dundee, Scotland
Format : Worlds Schools
Website: http://wsdctournament.wordpress.com/

Please visit our WSDC Resources page for more information about the World Schools format.


After intensive training with the squad of 12 selected from national tryouts for several months, the five members of Hong Kong’s WSDC team were selected in mid-March. They are:

  • Ben Allen
  • Tiffany Chung
  • James Lo
  • Iris Zhang
  • Pavan Hegde

They were accompanied to Dundee by Mr. Greg Forse, coach, and Mr. Michael Evershed, team manager.
Heather Pickerell was originally selected but withdrew due to her unavailibaility for personal reasons.

Round 1
Motion: THW offer dictators immunity in return for leaving power
Proposition: Chile
Opposition: Hong Kong
Winner: Hong Kong, 3-0

Round 2
Motion: THW allow free distribution of music on the internet
Proposition: Hong Kong
Opposition: Greece
Winner: Greece, 3-0

Round 3
Motion: THBT universal primary education is a misallocation of resources for the developing world
Proposition: Hong Kong
Opposition: Canada
Winner: Canada, 3-0

Round 4
Motion: THW make voting in national elections mandatory
Proposition: Barbados
Opposition: Hong Kong
Winner: Hong Kong, 3-0

Round 5
Motion: THW legalize the sale of human organs
Proposition: China
Opposition: Hong Kong
Winner: Hong Kong, 2-1

Round 6
Motion: THW stop sending humans into space (originally reserve motion)
Proposition: Hong Kong
Opposition: Estonia
Winner: Hong Kong, 3-0

Round 7
Motion: THBT women can only achieve equality under a secular system of government
Proposition: Hong Kong
Opposition: Germany
Winner: Hong Kong, 2-1

Round 8
Motion: THW penalize sporting teams for the behavior of their fans
Proposition: Scotland
Opposition: Hong Kong
Winner: Hong Kong, 2-1

THW abandon nuclear energy
Proposition: Hong Kong/Netherlands
Opposition: Netherlands/Hong Kong
Winner: Hong Kong, 3-2

Motion: TH supports free immigration
Proposition: Hong Kong
Opposition: Ireland
Winner: Ireland, 4-1

Individually, two of Hong Kong’s speakers ranked in the top 50
21 – James Lo – 5 – 72.933
33 – Ben Allen – 6 – 72.611

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